Pictures of St. Timothy or Timotheus

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

It seems that there are few paintings of St. Timothy in Western art, probably because the Scripture doesn't associate him as a leading character with a particular narrative. Primarily what is available online are contemporary icons.



Stained Glass Windows

Symbol of St. Timothy

Club and stones, St. Timothy
Companion of Paul on his missionary journeys and referred to by Paul as "the beloved son in faith." Reputedly beaten and stoned to death for denouncing the worship of Diana. First Century.


Louis Glanzman, Dorcas (2003).

Tabitha, stained glass window (1949), St John's Church, Ainsdale, UK

Greed and Avarice

Jacopo Zigozzi (1547-1626), Allegory of Avarice, oil on canvas, 57-7/8 x 33-1/4", Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Matthias Stom or Stormer (Dutch Artist, 1600-1650)


Lars Justinen (1955- ), "Inspiration," based on 2 Timothy 3:16. Hand with pen on writing parchment.

Relic of St. Timothy, at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, Diocese of Fort Worth, TX



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