Paintings and Artwork of Jesus Teaching Ministry

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

James Tissot

Tissot, Jesus Preaches the Sermon on the Mount
James J. Tissot, "Jesus Preaches the Sermon on the Mount" (1886-1896), watercolor. Larger image.

Carl Heinrich Bloch (Danish painter, 1834-1890), Sermon on the Mount (1872?). Another.

Fra Angelico, Sermon on the Mount (1442), Museo Di San marco Dell'Angelico, Florence

Christ Teaching, Anglo-Saxon, possibly Canterbury, about 1000, Tempera colors and gold leaf on parchment
12 1/8 x 7 7/8 in. Getty Museum.

Cosimo Rosselli, Sermon on the Mount (1481-82), Fresco, 349 x 570 cm, Sistine Chapel, Vatican

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, The Sermon on the Mount (1862), Stained glass. South nave window. All Saints, Selsley, Gloucestershire, UK

Franz Guillery, Sermon on the Mount

Fra Angelico, detail of Sermon on the Mount (1442)
Fra Angelico, detail from "Sermon on the Mount" (1442), Museo Di San marco Dell'Angelico, Florence. Full image.

Henry Hofmann, Sermon from the boat

Gustav Dore

Claude Lorrain, The Sermon on the Mount (c.1656), oil on canvas (lined), 67 1/2 in. x 102 1/4 in. (171.45 cm x 259.72 cm). The Frick Collection, New York.

 Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld, The Sermon on the Mount (1886-96), BW

Carl Heinrich Bloch, Sermon on the Mount
Carl Heinrich Bloch (Danish painter, 1834-1890), detail from "Sermon on the Mount," Full image.


Saunière's Sermon on the Mount, Church of Saint Mary Magdalene

Sermon on the Mount, Stained glass window. Austin Avenue United methodist Church, Waco, TX. Kansas City Stained Glass Works (1901-03)

John Singer Sargent, Sermon on the Mount (sketch) in Triumph of Religion murals (1890-1919), Boston Public Library. sketches only, mural never completed.

Harry Hanley Parker (1869-1917), Sermon on the Mount (1905), mural, Calvary United Methodist Church, West Philadelphia.

Stained glass, Sermon on the Mount, Cologne (c. 1460).

Bas relief carving on front panel of pulipt, Sermon on the Mount, Cathedral of the Assumption, County Carlow, Ireland

Anthony Visco, Sermon on the Mount (1987-88), in bronze triptych, The Catherine Pew memorial Chapel, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, Bryn Mawr, PA


Marble relief of uncertain function showing Sermon on the Mount. Rome, ca. 270-310 A.D. (Rome: Mus. Naz.) Plebeian tradition.

Sermon on the Mount, mosaic, Byzantine.





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