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Disciple's Guide to the Holy Spirit
by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson


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What is the Holy Spirit? Or better, Who is the Holy Spirit? To many Christians the Spirit is a complete mystery. What does the Holy Spirit actually do?

This series of 11 lessons, taught as a free e-mail study, is designed to explore the key Bible passages about the Holy Spirit. It doesn't try to be comprehensive, however. To cover all the verses on the Spirit would be mind-boggling. However, it is designed to be essentially complete, helping you to understand what a disciple needs to know so you can encounter the Spirit and learn to walk with Him.

This isn't just a study of Biblical theology; it is designed to help you grow in the Spirit. Each lesson contains several discussion questions to help you interact with key concepts in the passages we're examining. A weekly Growth Assignment helps you grow in your relationship with the Spirit.

Over the last fifty years I have studied the Holy Spirit, learned to discern his voice, observed various gifts of the Spirit in action, and experienced some of them in my own life and ministry. I have a growing conviction that the Holy Spirit's power and gifting are undiminished in the twenty-first century. His power is just as vital now as in the first century church, his presence just as sweet. He is like a powerful flowing river, and I long to be caught up in His current more and more. I invite you to go river-rafting with me!

Initially developed as an online study, this book is ideal for personal spiritual development, use by a teacher or small group leader, and for sermon development.

Here is an abbreviated table of contents for the book:

Disciple's Guide to the Holy Spirit (203 pages)

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
  2. The Holy Spirit in Jesus' Ministry
  3. The Holy Spirit Paraclete (John 14-16)
  4. Born of the Holy Spirit
  5. The Holy Spirit Within
  6. Baptized with the Holy Spirit
  7. The Holy Spirit versus the Flesh
  8. Gifts Empowered by the Holy Spirit (part 1)
  9. Gifts Empowered by the Holy Spirit (part 2)
  10. Listening for the Holy Spirit's Voice
  11. Living in the Holy Spirit
  • Appendix 1. Participant Handouts
  • Appendix 2. Four Reasons Why I Believe in the Trinity
  • Appendix 3. Deepening Your Quiet Time with God

Detailed Table of Contents

Participant Lesson Handouts (PDF, you may reprint free for each class member)

This study is available in book format (below) or at no cost delivered via e-mail over an eleven-week period.

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