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The Book of Revelation:
Discipleship Lessons

An 100-page book by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

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The Book of Revelation shouldn't just pique your interest, but transform your life.

This volume takes you through the whole scope of St. John's vision to help you see the big picture. Revelation can't be taken literally, of course. It's symbolic, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. The meaning of Revelation begins to come clear when the symbols are probed and understood.

You can't produce a clear chronology of the End Times, however, by stringing Revelation's visions in order like beads on a necklace. The timing of the tribulation and rapture are, frankly, only minor themes in the biblical text. While the author is pre-millennial, mid-trib, we'll explore all the popular views. Ultimately, Revelation must be understood on its own terms.

The purpose isn't to take some dogmatic position on controversial issues, but to help you understand and heed the message of Revelation. It'll shake you out of your spiritual lethargy and stimulate you to be a faithful witness no matter what you face in coming days.

This volume consists of eight lessons, each with five or six discussion questions to help you explore the major issues, as well as seven charts and graphics to help you or the group you lead grasp the panorama of Revelation. The study can be used for personal enrichment, by small groups and classes, and by teachers and preachers for sermon preparation.

"Clear, concise and thoroughly researched.  Non-threatening to any and all Christian denominations." -- Diane Ivy

"I appreciate the openness and 'inclusiveness' (in the best sense of that word) with which you conduct your studies, striving to focus on the Lord we have in common...." -- Heather

Preface 3
Table of Contents 5
Reprint Guidelines 8
References and Abbreviations 9
Introduction to the Book of Revelation 11
1. Christ in the Midst of the Lampstands (chapter 1) 18
2. Letters to the Seven Churches (chapters 2-3) 26
3. The Lion That Is the Lamb (chapters 4-5) 34
4. The 144,000 (chapters 6-10) 39
5. By the Blood of the Lamb (chapters 11-13) 51
6. Alas, Babylon! (chapters 14-18) 62
7. The Millennium (chapters 19-20) 71
8. We Shall See His Face (chapters 21-22) 80
Appendix 1: Questions for Group Participants 87
Appendix 2: Charts 99
Appendix 3. Songs and Hymns Based on Revelation 109

Participant lesson handouts for this book can be downloaded and printed for your group or class at no charge.

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The Book of Revelation: Discipleship Lessons, by Ralph F. Wilson
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