King Solomon
Wisdom, Wealth, and Weakness

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Ralph F. Wilson, original watercolor, 'Solomon in All His Glory' (2024), watercolor and ink, 10x14 in., artist's personal collection.

King Solomon is difficult to figure out. He loves the Lord and is loved by God, yet commits apostasy. How can such a wise man be so stupid?

Solomon is the wisest of all men before or since and fabulously wealthy. A man of peace, yet he dominates the nations around him by military strength and trade supremacy.

Solomon mobilizes an army of workers to construct a temple for Yahweh, as well as palaces, cities, fortifications, and storehouses.

He is a singer of songs and author of books, an observant botanist and zoologist. If he lived today, we'd call him a genius and wonder at his intellect. Yet for all his devotion and accomplishments, a  weakness for foreign women leads him to "follow" their false gods. How could this happen?

Our primary text to study Solomon's life is 1 Kings 1 to 11, with additions here and there from 2 Chronicles and other Bible passages. Along the way, we:

  • Examine the Davidic Covenant that points directly to Jesus,
  • Apply understandings of the temple to our worship today,
  • Explore Solomon's insightful prayer at the dedication of the temple,
  • Probe the great revival promises of 2 Chronicles 7:14 -- "If my people ... will humble themselves and pray,"
  • Find a discipleship balance of talents and gifts, wealth and care for the poor, honor and humility, and
  • Study Solomon's undoing to sharpen awareness of our own vulnerabilities.

Pastor Ralph
Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

We study Solomon's life over six lessons. Thought-provoking questions encourage insights by individual students and stimulate powerful discussions in classes and small groups. Preachers and teachers will find a great deal of their research done for them. Includes 13 diagrams and historical maps.

Here's an outline of the 6-week study (detailed Table of Contents):

  • Preface
  • Introduction to Solomon's Time
  1. Solomon's Path to Kingship (1 Kings 1-2)
  2. Solomon's Wisdom (1 Kings 3-4)
  3. Building Solomon's Temple (1 Kings 5-7)
  4. Dedicating Solomon's Temple (1 Kings 8-9)
  5. Solomon's Splendor (1 Kings 9-10)
  6. Solomon's Legacy (1 Kings 11)

May God use this study to prepare and mature disciples for Christ's Kingdom!

Life of Solomon, by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
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  • Then on Saturday, I'll send you the next week's lesson.

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