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Moses the Reluctant Leader
Leadership and Discipleship Lessons
and Bible Study Commentary for Personal Devotional Use, Small Groups or Sunday School Classes, and Sermon Preparation for Pastors and Teachers

Moses the Reluctant Leader, a Bible study in 9 lessons
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Moses pioneered a Spirit-led leadership paradigm that Christian leaders do well to emulate today.

Moses didn't want to be a leader. He had been raised as a prince of Egypt, but now at 80, he was content to be a simple shepherd, watching sheep on the slopes of Sinai. Then, God spoke from the burning bush and Moses' world changed.

How do you lead a multitude of people through impossible situations, badgered by a storm of criticism from within the camp, and threatened by deadly peril from without? Moses the reluctant leader has much to teach both disciples and leaders today.

This Bible study leads you through Moses' life covering several chapters in each lesson so you can see the big picture. It slows down, however, to examine key passages in Exodus and Numbers that give insight into God's instruction to Moses. One lesson surveys the tabernacle, the priesthood, and the sacrifices that God revealed through Moses.

This book explores Moses' life in 9 lessons that can be used for personal enrichment, by small groups and classes, and by teachers and preachers for sermon preparation.

Here's the abbreviated table of contents of this 200-page book:

  • Preface
  • Introduction to the Moses and the Exodus
  1. The Birth and Call of Moses (Exodus 1-4)
  2. Finding Courage to Stand (Exodus 5-11)
  3. Passover and Crossing the Red Sea (Exodus 12-15)
  4. Grumbling, Conflict, and Delegation (Exodus 15-18)
  5. The Covenant at Mount Sinai (Exodus 19-24)
  6. The Golden Calf and Moses' Intercession (Exodus 32-34)
  7. The Tabernacle, Priesthood, and Sacrifices (Exodus 20-31, 35-40; Leviticus 1-17; Numbers 6-10)
  8. Rebellion against Moses' Leadership (Numbers 11-17)
  9. Conquering the Transjordan and Moses' Death (Numbers 20-27; Deuteronomy 32, 34)
  • Epilogue: Moses' Leadership Legacy
  • Appendix 1. Participant Handouts for Classes & Groups
  • Appendix 2. The Route of the Exodus
  • Appendix 3. References to Moses in the New Testament

Detailed Table of Contents

Participant lesson handouts can be downloaded and printed for your group or class at no charge.

"Challenging and well researched study." - Albert Atoa
"Balance between the spiritual and the practical." - Charles Richmond
"The very heartbeat of the life of Moses! I feel like I personally 'met' Moses during this study." - Barb Johnson
"The questions were simple enough for my middle school students, but challenging enough in principle for the adults." - Barry Keene
"Caused me to appreciate what true leadership is." - Claudia Robinson
"An excellent resource for teachers of the Word who are looking for solid Bible-based materials to convert into teaching lessons." - Earl Young
"A very interesting, informative, but above all a Spirit guided study." - Fred Allen
"Could be utilized in everyday life and ministry challenges." - Grant Rice
"Very helpful with my adult Sunday school class.... A wealth of questions to stimulate discussion." - John Zimmer
"I have read about Moses many, many times over the years, but nothing engulfed me like this study." - John Ploughman
"Helped me to not only understand the great prophet, but also understand him from a human perspective." -Michael Szczepanski
"Mix of scholarship, pastoral experience, and application." - Malcolm Bales
"Took my way of thinking out of the box and made me see God in a whole new light." - Mekeba Bryant
"As a pastor I have been able to find nuggets of gold in each lesson." - Robert Williams
"The format is easily adaptable to a small group setting." - Sam Thomason
"A splendid guide, full of insights and life applications." - Joan Travis

The book is available in both paperback and e-book formats.

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