Discipleship and spiritual formation curriculum for new believers, new Christians

JesusWalk - Beginning the Journey:
Discipleship and Spiritual Formation for New Christians, a Curriculum for Training and Mentoring New Believers in Christian Doctrines, Core Values, and Spiritual Disciplines

JesusWalk - Beginning the Journey, Discipleship and Spiritual Formation for New Christians
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JesusWalk - Beginning the Journey is a discipleship and spiritual formation program for new believers. The course provides a balance of Christian doctrines, core values, and spiritual disciplines designed to produce strong Christians who continue to grow as committed disciples of Jesus.

The 12-lesson series is coordinated with free online lessons and videos or can be used with an optional book and optional DVD set. The printed book is available from Amazon and other booksellers.

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Each lesson concludes with a memory verse, questions and discussion points, and an outline of the lesson. These provide the structure for a weekly meeting between a mentor and the new Christian or for use in a class or small group.

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Table of Contents 6
Reprint Guidelines 7
1. Rescue - Grace and Forgiveness 8
2. Disciple - Following Jesus Daily 15
3. Temptations - Getting Victory over Sin 21
4. Fellowship - Connecting to a Community of Christians 29
5. Love - the Core of Christianity 37
6. Gospel - Understanding Christ's Story 44
7. Holy Spirit - The Power of God's Presence 51
8. Witness - Sharing Your Faith 58
9. Worship - Communing with God 65
10. Generosity and Service - Love in Action 73
11. Bible - Guidebook for Living 80
12. Lord - Obedient Servants of the King 89
Appendix 1. The Role of the Mentor 95
Appendix 2. For Pastors and Church Leaders 100
Appendix 3. How to Select a Bible 104
Appendix 4. Discipleship Resources 107

"I am currently deployed. I am using your JesusWalk: Beginning the Journey materials for a New Believers Class I am leading at our base chapel. Last night I felt the Spirit leading me to write you a quick 'thank you' for producing such a well-conceived/designed course. As proctor for the class, I can assure you that your course has been a true blessing to this ministry. Thank you for your service and commitment to Christ!" -- Lt. Colonel, Gulf region

"We have used the JesusWalk series extensively in training new converts in the basics of the faith. The series is absolutely spot-on doctrinally, being Bible based. The series is very easy to follow, without being patronising. Just clear, concise and easy to understand. Highly recommended for the new believer to become grounded in the faith." -- Paul Toschi, Greenlane Presbyterian Church, New Zealand (Amazon reviewer)

"Great book for a new members' class. If you desire to get your new members off to a good start in the Christian faith, then this is the perfect book for young people and adults." -- Hoyle Edwards (Amazon reviewer)

"Although I've been a Christian all my life, after reading this book I realized I had a lot to learn.... Kept me interested to the very end and it was very easy to understand. If you're new to Christianity or just want to start at the basics, this book is definitely ... for you." -- Amazon customer

"Thoughtful and spiritual, Beginning the Journey is a powerful read for Christians, very highly recommended.." -- Midwest Book Review (Amazon reviewer)

"Easy to read, perfect for someone new to the faith, and an excellent tool for churches, small groups, or leaders wanting to build a solid foundation for Christ followers.." -- Veritas (Amazon reviewer)

The book is available in paperback, e-book, and DVD formats.

  Paperback format, $11.95, must be ordered through Amazon.com.  The paperback book has 108 pages and is 7.5" x 9.25". ISBN: 9798861797412. ASIN: B0CJBLLPMD. Order directly from:

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No longer available. 2-Disc DVD Set, $49.95. The DVDs contain the Introduction, all 12 lessons, as well as mentor training and an introduction for pastors and leaders, more than 3.5 hours of video instruction. Though the videos are available free online, the DVD set allows you to use them in small groups, classes, and to give mentors to allow more flexibility in meeting with new Christians. Shipping weight 6 oz.
The discs are in NTSC format for use in DVD players in the USA, most of the Americas, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, and Burma. They cannot be played on PAL format players in Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia.
JesusWalk Beginning the Journey 2-disc DVD set
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