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The Christ Powered Life
Discipleship Lessons from Romans 5-8

An 166-page book by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

Christ Powered Life (Romans 5-8), by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
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How do you live a Christ-powered, Spirit-filled life? How can you mature as a Christian? How do you get victory in your struggle with sin? It is hopeless?

By no means! Christ's Spirit makes the difference. Though the Christian life is sometimes hard, in a Christ-centered life there is a place of victory over sin. It comes through faith as well as an understanding of who we are in Christ and how the Christian life is supposed to work. In this 8-lesson Bible study, Dr. Wilson takes you through some of the most powerful chapters on Christian living found in the Bible -- Romans 5-8, the golden core of Paul's magnum opus, his Letter to the Romans.

Is this passage difficult to understand? Yes. You'll be stretched. Your conceptual world will have to expand. But you'll find that the time you spend in studying Romans 5-8 will pay rich rewards, for it will move you closer to a Spirit-filled life that you will enjoy in spite of the struggles you experience.

This volume explores Romans 5-8 in 8 lessons that can be used for personal enrichment, by small groups and classes, and by teachers and preachers for sermon preparation.

Here's the outline of this 166-page book:

  1. We Now Have Peace with God (5:1-11). God has gone to great expense to reconcile us to him.
  2. United to Christ, the Second Adam (5:12-6:5).
  3. United with Christ, Free from Sin's Slavery (6:1-11). Christ's death weakens our sinful nature so that we can have victory over sin. Includes an excursus on baptism by immersion.
  4. Slaves to Righteousness Rather Than to Sin (6:12–23). Sin is no longer our master, Christ is!
  5. Struggling with Sin in Our Own Strength (7:1–25). Our flesh or sinful nature is no match for sin's power -- even with the insight of the law.
  6. Learning to Walk by the Spirit (8:1-17). Only when we are led and empowered by the Spirit can we be free from sin's dominion.
  7. Revealing the Children of God in Future Glory (8:15-28). The Spirit testifies that we are sons of God who will be fully revealed at the Resurrection.
  8. We Are More than Conquerors through Christ (8:28-39). God is determined to see us through to the end!
  • Appendix 1. Big Concepts in Romans 5-8
  • Appendix 2. The Concept of Union with Christ Is Basic to Paul's Theology
  • Appendix 3. Songs and Hymns based on Romans 5-8 - Christ Powered Life
  • Appendix 4. Participant Handouts for Groups and Classes

Detailed Table of Contents

"I always looked Romans as ‘heavy in doctrine’ until I studied it under Dr. Wilson. It is really a practical guide." -- Danny Ninal

"Really made an impact on me as a preacher/teacher of God's Word." – Arturo G. Santiago

"We would like to thank you for the Roman 5-8 Bible study we are using with a group of people out of different denominations. From the first study, it completely changed the religious beliefs they were bound to. They thought they must perform to be righteous, but the Word were opened for them by the study." -- Philip  Botha, South Africa

"Faces the tricky issues which scripture throws up and illuminates the darkest pieces with light, comparing scripture with scripture. No dodging the issues of real life. Wonderful!" -- Wesley Loane

"Excellent scholarship presented in a very user friendly media. Our group really enjoyed it." -- Pastor Nancy Fergusson

"Both intellectual and stimulating, yet somehow manages to reach people at every level in their Christian walk. Stunning stuff." -- Hazel Edmunds

"Always finds a way to approach subjects with grace and a clear eye towards unity in the body, not quibbling over doctrinal issues but addressing varying Christian interpretations of important subjects fairly when necessary. I always walk away enriched and stronger in my faith than before." -- Teddi Deppner

"Am using the study in my home cell group fellowship in Nairobi." -- Erick Oluoch Alindi

"A good Bible study not just for the ordinary member in the pew but also for people like me who serves full-time.... Life changing." -- Rev. Lidis Singkung

"A thorough consideration of the scriptures coupled with time to meditate and discuss the thoughts with others in my small group was very helpful to all eight of us." -- Greg Jones

"Lay leaders will grow and mature with this available resource and significantly enhance their service to the Lord." -- H.K. Sim

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