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Faith of Abraham
Discipleship Lessons from the Patriarch of Genesis

Faith of Abraham, by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
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From Moon-Worshipper to Friend of God

His father was a moon-worshipper in Ur of the Chaldeans. But God began to speak and Abraham listened. He struck out from his home and his people to obey God's call to "go to the land I will show you." His wife was barren and old, but God promised Abraham a son. "He believed the Lord," Scripture tells us, "and He credited it to him as righteousness" and Abraham became known as "the friend of God."

Abraham was a flawed man who followed a perfect God. What changed him was a constant belief that this God who spoke to him would keep his amazing promises. And God did.

Abraham is rightly called "the father of faith," for he blazed the trail for us. You and I walk that same trail of faith today. We have vital lessons to learn from the faith of Abraham.

Get ready to take a trek -- to go back nearly 4,000 years, cross deserts, ride camels, dwell in tents, acquire wealth, suffer childlessness, sacrifice much, receive promises, and catch a glimpse of the glory of God. You, too, will grow as you understand how God taught and formed Abraham to be like Him.

This volume explores the life of Abraham in 11 lessons. Thought-provoking discussion questions make it a useful tool for personal enrichment, small groups, and classes. Extensive footnotes assist teachers and preachers with background research for sermon preparation.

Here's the abbreviated table of contents of this 157-page book:

  1. The Call of Abraham (Genesis 11:27-12:9)

  2. Sarah's Abduction (Genesis 12:10-20 and 20:1-18)

  3. Abraham Rescues His Nephew Lot (chapters 13-14)

  4. God's Covenant with Abraham (chapter 15)

  5. God Speaks to Hagar, Abraham's Other Wife (chapter 16)

  6. The Covenant of Circumcision with Abraham (chapter 17)

  7. Abraham Intercedes for Sodom (chapter 18)

  8. The Destruction of Sodom (chapter 20)

  9. Isaac Born, Ishmael Banished (chapter 21)

  10. Abraham Offers Isaac on Mt. Moriah (chapter 22)

  11. Death of Sarah and Abraham (22:20-25:11)

If you're teaching a group you can print out the Participant Guide Handout Sheets at no charge.

"This was my first time leading a Bible study. I found the questions to be a wonderful starting point. By reading the scripture and giving the participants something to hold in their hands ( I used your four questions each week) it really broke the ice and encouraged participation. In fact, we have had so many great discussions we will still be using your lessons into the Spring. Your lessons on Abraham have been an enormous help." -- Joan Lundbohm

"I loved the study. I preached a series on Abraham and used your material as part of my study. You did a very thorough job. Thanks for sharing this wonderful man with us." -- Pastor Larry R. Allen, Missouri

"I have read and studied the life of Abraham quite a few times during my lifetime, but never have I done an in-depth study like this one." -- Linda Bass

"Your presentation of the Word, the Greek and Hebrew meanings, and the insightful questions all lend themselves to a thorough study of Abraham's life. Your format is methodical and thorough and causes me to gain deeper insights into the lives and times of the individuals in the Bible which translates into a more thorough understanding of His Word." -- Kas

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