Philippians: Discipleship Lessons

  1. Approve What Is Excellent (1:1-11). Partnership in the gospel, choices. Audio (28:44).
  2. Struggles that Advance the Gospel (1:12-30). The witness of imprisonment. Purpose for living. Audio (37:17).
  3. He Emptied Himself (2:1-11). Humility and exaltation. A study in who Jesus is, and the nature of the incarnation. Audio (38:07).
  4. God Is at Work in You (2:12-18). The dynamics of salvation: our part and God's part. Audio (21:51).
  5. Christian Character: Timothy and Epaphroditus (2:19-30). Character of Christian workers. Audio (27:30).
  6. That I May Know Him (3:1-11). What it means to "know" God. Audio (32:25).
  7. Pressing Toward the Goal (3:12-4:1). The urgency of God's call, citizenship in heaven. Audio (32:48).
  8. Rejoice in the Lord Always (4:1-9). Dealing with worry and stress. Audio (28:01).
  9. A Partnership in Giving and Receiving (4:10-23). Learning contentment in Christ, stewardship. Audio (30:59).
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Philippians Bible Study: Discipleship Lessons


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