Sermon on the Mount: The Jesus Manifesto (Matthew 5-7)

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

  Preface Audio (6:58)
  Introduction Audio (19:34)
  References and Abbreviations  
  Paintings and Artwork of Jesus Teaching Ministry  
I. Kingdom Citizens (5:1-16)
  1. Paradoxical People: the Beatitudes (5:1-13) Audio (36:16)
      What Is the Kingdom of Heaven
    that Jesus Proclaims? (Excursus 1)
Audio (9:22)
  2. Witnessing People: Living as Salt and
    Light in the World (5:13-16)
Audio (19:42)
      The Religion of the Pharisees (Excursus 2) Audio (8:51)
II. The Kingdom and the Spirit of the Law (5:17-48)
  3. The Spirit of the Law and Reconciliation  (5:17-26) Audio (37:02)
      Did Jesus Believe in Hell? (Excursus 3) Audio (5:18)
  4. Adultery, Lust, and the Spirit of Marriage (5:27-30) Audio (21:18)
      Homosexual Lust (Excursus 4)
Audio (4:53)
  5. Divorce and the Spirit of Marriage (5:27-32 with 19:1-12) Audio (39:19)
  6. The Spirit of Truthfulness and Love (5:33-48) Audio (41:50)
      Loving Your Enemies Case Study:
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Excursus 5)
Audio (7:21)
III. Piety in the Kingdom (6:1-18)
  7. Giving, Prayer, and Fasting (6:1-8, 16-18) Audio (27:48)
      Verses on How God Looks at the Poor (Excursus 6) Audio (7:48)
  8. The Lord's Prayer (6:9-15) Audio (36:36)
IV. Materialism and the Kingdom (6:19-34)
  9. Temptation to Greed, that is, Idolatry (6:19-24) Audio (20:08)
      Verses with the Word "Store"  
  10. Temptation to Worry (6:25-34) Audio (26:28)
V. Discernment in the Kingdom (7:1-29)
  11. Judging Self and Others (7:1-6) Audio (19:16)
  12. Prayer: Asking in Faith (7:7-12) Audio (20:46)
  13. Discerning the True Way (7:13-29) Audio (33:55)
  Appendix 1. Participant Lesson Handouts (for classes and groups)
  Appendix 2. Songs and Hymns Based on the Sermon on the Mount and Related Themes
  Appendix 3. Inductive Bible Study Questions for the Sermon on the Mount (PDF format)
Sermon on the Mount: The Jesus Manifesto, by Ralph F. Wilson
Sermon on the Mount: The Jesus Manifesto
is available in paperback and ebook formats
Appendix 4. Readers Theater Scripts for the Sermon on the Mount (PDF format). They are available individually below in HTML format:

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