Disciple Lessons from the Book of Revelation

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

Please print out and study the lessons week by week. If you just listen to the audio without doing the study, you short-circuit the process of change that the Holy Spirit can work in your heart as you immerse yourself in the Word over the eight-week period.
  Art Depicting the Book of Revelation
  Songs and Hymns from the Book of Revelation
  References and Abbreviations
  Reprint Guidelines
  Handouts for Class or Group Participants
Audio (27:51)

Christ in the Midst of the Lampstands (Rev. 1)

Audio (31:51)
2. Letters to the Seven Churches(Rev. 2-3)
  7 Churches Comparison chart (PDF, print out)
Audio (28:36)
3. The Lion That Is the Lamb (Rev 4-5) Audio (28:39)
4. The 144,000 (Rev. 6-10)
  7 Seals chart (PDF, print out)
  7 Trumpets chart (PDF, print out)
  Parallelism chart (PDF, print out)
Audio (44:16)
5. By the Blood of the Lamb (Rev. 11-13)
  7 Mystic Figures chart (PDF, print out)
Audio (36:50)
6. Alas, Babylon!(Rev. 14-18)
  Visions of Final Judgment chart (PDF, print out)
  7 Bowls chart (PDF, print out)
Audio (30:52)
7. The Millennium (Rev. 19-20)
  Chronologies of the Millennium and Christ's Return chart (PDF, print out)
Audio (39:36)
8. We Shall See His Face (Rev. 21-22) Audio (34:03)

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