James: Practical Discipleship

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

  1. Experiencing Joy in Trials (1:1-18), Audio (29:20)
  2. Hearing and Practicing the Word (1:18-27), Audio (34:12)
  3. Forsaking Favoritism for Love (2:1-13), Audio (27:50)
  4. Energizing Your Faith by Works (2:14-26), Audio (24:58)
  5. Attaining Tongue-Taming Wisdom (3:1-18), Audio (26:30)
  6. Submitting Yourself to God (4:1-12), Audio (35:54)
  7. Learning Patience in an Instant Age (4:13-5:12), Audio (39:43)
  8. Praying the Prayer of Faith (5:13-20), Audio (40:18)

Appendix 1. Participant Handouts

This appendix provides copies of handouts designed for classes and small groups. There is no charge whatsoever to print out as many copies of the handouts as you need for participants.

If you are working with a class or small group, feel free to duplicate the following handouts at no additional charge. If you'd like to print 8-1/2" x 11" or A4 size pages, you can download the free Participant Guide handout sheets at:


Discussion Questions

You'll typically find 4 or 5 questions for each lesson. Each question may include several sub-questions. These are designed to get group members engaged in discussion of the key points of the passage. If you're running short of time, feel free to skip questions or portions of questions.

Because of the length of these handouts -- and to keep down the page count so we can keep the book price lower -- they are being made available at no cost online.

Appendix 2. Other Resources on James

I've prepared two other resources on James that may interest you, but I didn't include them in this book in order to keep the price as low as possible. However, you may print them out from my website at no additional charge.

Inductive Bible Study Questions


These questions are designed for groups that want to pull their learning entirely from the text. You are free to print these out for use with your congregation. There are three levels of questions for each lesson:

  1. Observation Questions. What Does the Text Say?
  2. Interpretation Questions. What Does the Text Mean?
  3. Application Questions. What Does It Mean to Me?

Readers' Theater Scripts


These are scripts based on the NIV, typically designed for three readers, that provide emphasis at key points to bring out the meaning of the text. My goal has been that when the group or congregation hears the scripture read in this way, the main points will stick and they will be better prepared for the sermon or Bible study. You are free to print these out for use with your group or congregation.

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