Christ Powered Life
(Romans 5-8)

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

  Preface Audio (2:46)
  Introduction to Romans 5-8 Audio (13:08)
1. We Now Have Peace with God (5:1-11) Audio (34:31)
2. United to Christ, the Second Adam (5:12-6:5) Audio (31:57)
3. United with Christ, Free from Sin's Slavery (6:1-11) Audio (28:58)
  Excursus: Baptism by Immersion (6:3-4) Audio (16:27)
4. Slaves to Righteousness Rather Than to Sin (6:12-23) Audio (32:50)
5. Struggling with Sin in Our Own Strength (7:1-25)
Understanding the Flesh, the Sinful Nature, in Romans 7-8
Audio (38:26)
6. Learning to Walk by the Spirit (8:1-17) Audio (43:43)
7. Revealing the Children of God in Future Glory (8:15-28) Audio (38:07)
8. We Are More than Conquerors through Christ (8:28-39) Audio (45:40)
  References and Abbreviations
Christ Powered Life (Romans 5-8), by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
The study is available as an e-book
  Appendix 1: Big Concepts in Romans 5-8
  Appendix 2: The Concept of Union with Christ Our Head Is Basic to Paul's Theology
  Appendix 3: Songs and Hymns based on Romans 5-8
  Appendix 4. Participant Handouts for Groups and Classes (PDF format). You have permission to reprint these for your local group or class at no charge.
  Artwork Depicting St. Paul the Apostle

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