Appendix 1. Big Concepts in Romans 5-8

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

Romans is a complex book. As we look at Romans 5-8, I've found it helpful to state the "Big Concept" or theme in just a few sentences. These Big Concepts help us to see the big picture without getting lost in the numerous details of each lesson.

Big Concept 1. God has embraced us with his love and favor far beyond any measure. And he did it while we were still his enemies. So now that we are saved, we are assured that he won't give up on us in the future. We truly are at peace with God! We can relax in this kind of love and just enjoy him.

Big Concept 2. We are united with Christ so solidly that we are "in him," we are "part of the Body of Christ" and he is our Head. This is true to such a degree spiritually, that when Christ died on Golgotha, it is as if we died with him. This affects how we see ourselves -- and sin.

Big Concept 3. The truth is that we have become so united with Christ, that the "old us" died when Christ died and the power of our "flesh" or sinful nature was broken. What's more, we now share the power of Christ's life in our lives. We must believe this enough to live our lives accordingly.

Big Concept 4. Slaves do what they're told. But sin doesn't "own" you anymore; God owns you now. You no longer have to sin! So give yourself wholeheartedly to serving God. You can do this!

Big Concept 5. Knowledge of right and wrong is good, but it doesn't have the power to keep us from sinning. Even will power is inadequate to keep us from sin. We only end up frustrated. The problem lies with our corrupt human nature. Fortunately, there is help in the Spirit.

Big Concept 6. When we become Christians, the Holy Spirit comes to live in us in all his power -- really! When we turn our attention to him rather than our own devices, he gives us the power we need to have victory over sin.

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Big Concept 7. The Fall of Man corrupted not only us, but the whole creation. However, we Christians, as sons and daughters of God, are harbingers of the New Age. The Spirit strengthens us in our weakness at present and causes us to look forward to the Day of Christ's return when we and the entire creation will be restored to our intended glory.

Big Concept 8. Though we Christians go through all sorts of struggles and persecutions now, God is still in charge. Nothing can turn away his intense love for us. And on the Last Day when we stand before his throne we will hear his final word of pardon and feel the embrace of his love.

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