2 Corinthians: Discipleship Lessons

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

  1. The God of All Comfort (1:1-11). Audio (19:14)
  2. Tension with the Corinthians (1:12-2:11). Audio (21:22)
  3. The Fragrance of Christ's Ministering People (2:12-3:6). Audio (27:00)
  4. Being Changed by God's Glory (3:7-18). Audio (20:34)
  5. Treasures in Clay Pots (4:1-18). Audio (37:11)
  6. Walking by Faith, Not by Sight (5:1-16). Audio (29:31)
  7. The Ministry of Reconciliation (5:17-6:2). Audio (22:24)
  8. Hardships, Holiness, and Joy (6:3-7:16). Audio (37:51)
    Exposition: Comfort for the Downcast (2 Corinthians 7:5-6). A brief study of how God comforts us in struggles, and also uses us to comfort others in their low points.
  9. Generosity Modeled and Encouraged (8:1-9:5). Audio (29:47)
  10. Sowing Generously (9:6-15). Audio (24:50)
    A Brief Critique of the Prosperity Message
  11. Paul's Defense of His Ministry (10-11)
  12. Paul's Vision, Thorn, and Final Words (12-13)

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