Appendix 6. Exercises to Help You Internalize the Names of Jesus

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It would be sad if studying the names of Jesus were merely an intellectual or academic exercise for you. Beyond your study, here are some exercises that will help internalize what you're learning and let it begin to change you.

Over the several days you are studying a particular lesson, I recommend that you incorporate into your daily life some of the following exercises that will help implant the names in your heart and mind. Try one or more of the exercises listed here, or invent your own.

1. Pray to Jesus using one or more of the names in this lesson. As you pray, call on him in a way that relates to his name.

2. Meditate on one or more of the names in this lesson. Visualize Jesus in the ways suggested by the names in this lesson. Picture him in your mind's eye. See how he is strong for you in these ways.

3. Write down your own answers to the discussion questions in this lesson. Post them to the online forum or read what others have written.

4. Worship him by singing one of the songs suggested in the lesson.

5. Consider how you need to change to become like Jesus as reflected by one or more of the names in this lesson, and ask for his help to change you.

6. Draw or paint a scene, figure, or calligraphy related to one of the names.

7. Make a banner emblazoned with one of Jesus' titles.

8. Compose a song related to one of the names and then teach it to someone.

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9. Community. Find a way to influence your community or church in a way inspired by one of these names, titles, descriptors, or metaphors of Jesus. What project could you help with or initiate that could make a positive difference in the lives of people? For example, if Jesus is the Good Shepherd, what people in your community are "like sheep without a shepherd"? Who are without their basic needs, for example? What project could give feet to being a shepherd to those in need?

10. Picture how a friend or relative of yours could benefit from Jesus' ministry as reflected by one of the names in a particular week's lesson. Pray for that person accordingly and minister to that person yourself when an opportunity presents itself.

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