Appendix 5. Disputed Titles of Jesus

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There are some titles that are not unanimously attributed to Jesus. But I'll include them here for the sake of completeness.

Titles from the Song of Solomon

The Song of Solomon has sometimes been interpreted as an allegory of the love between Jesus and his bride. I'm not sure I'm convinced of that, but if you accept this interpretation -- and see the words as referring to the male lover in this love poem (which can be confusing) -- then here are some metaphors and similes that you might include:

  • Rose of Sharon (Song of Solomon 2:1; probably referring to the female)
  • Lily of the Valleys (Song of Solomon 2:1; probably referring to the female)
  • Apple Tree among the trees of the woods (Song of Solomon 2:3)
  • A Gazelle or Young Stag (Song of Solomon 2:9, 17; 8:14)
  • My lover, my friend (Song of Solomon 5:16)

The female describes her lover as: Outstanding among ten thousand" (NIV), "distinguished among ten thousand. (NRSV, ESV), "chiefest among ten thousand (KJV, Song of Songs 5:10)

Plant of Renown

"Plant of Renown" (KJV, Ezekiel 34:29) isn't recognized as a messianic title by more recent translations. They translate it as "a land renowned for its crops" (NIV); "a splendid vegetation" (NRSV); "renowned plantations" (ESV).

Jesus as the Angel of the Lord

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Some teach that the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament and the angel that appeared in the Fiery Furnace with the three Hebrew young men is actually Jesus. Others see the Captain of the Lord's hosts (Joshua 5:14-15) as the pre-incarnate Jesus. I don't see any compelling argument to support this. In Hebrew, malʾāk, can mean "messenger, representative, courtier, angel," depending upon the context. It is true, however, that sometimes in the Old Testament, the angel of the Lord seems to be Yahweh himself, a theophany, an appearance of God. However, Jesus is clearly the one prophesied in Malachi who is "the Messenger of the Covenant" (Malachi 3:1).

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