Baraka ya Kutoa / The Blessing of Giving
Funzo la Uwanafunzi kuhusu Kutoa
Discipleship Lessons in Tithing and Giving (Swahili and English)

Baraka ya Kutoa / The Blessing of GivingDuring the African Renewal Pastors' Training Conference in Eldoret, Kenya, October 26-29, 2011, the Lord led Dr. Ralph F. Wilson to teach on tithing. The idea is that as pastors, even very poor pastors, learn to tithe and teach their people to tithe, then three things happen:

  1. The promises of tithing and sowing generously will result in greater financial blessing for pastors and families, lifting them some economically.
  2. There will be more money to support the ministry, so pastors have more time to give to the ministry.
  3. There will be funds for mission projects, schools, and orphanages to help break Africa's dependence on funds from Europe and America.

Here are the messages given, available on YouTube. These were recorded by videographer John Oboyo Njoni of Eldoret, Kenya.

These video messages are also available a set of two DVDs in PAL format and for distribution only in Africa for a nominal price. The exclusive distributor for Africa is Pastor Chriss Barasa, phone +254 724682134.  PO Box  PO Box 1882, Eldoret, Kenya 31000. Email: chrissbarass at-sign  These DVDs are not available from Dr. Wilson.

Utangulizi kwenye Sanduri Funzo la Uwanafunzi kuhusu Kutoa / Introduction to the Teachings on Tithing and Giving, Bishop Chriss Barasa.  Rev. Barasa was the host pastor for the conference at Word of Life Harvest Church, Langas Estate, Eldoret, Kenya.

  1. Maskini Sana Kepeana / Too Poor to Give (40:49).

  2. Uwangalifu katika Huduma ya Fungu la Kumi / Stewardship, Ministry, and the Tithe (44:55)

  3. Baraka ya Kutoa Fungu la Kumi / The Blessings of Tithing (Malachi / Malaki 3, 43:48)

  4. Baraka ya Kupata Katika Uaminifu / The Blessings of Sowing Generously (2 Corinthians / 2 Wakorinto 9:6-15, 43:27)

  5. Utatanishi katika Ujumbe wa Mafanikio / A Critique of the Prosperity Message  (42:18)

  6. Uaminifu wa Kifedha kwa Wachungaji / Financial Integrity for Pastors (35:00)

  7. Mungu Ndiye Mpeanaji / God is Your Source (4:01)

The Blessing of Giving / Baraka ya Kutoa

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