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Each chapter in this study contains four or five questions to help you learn and process what you've been studying. As you engage your mind in the attempt to frame an answer, you'll begin to understand the issues raised in the Scripture text and the implications of applying the principles in your own life.

But learning is better with others. This book began as an interactive e-mail Bible study. One component of this learning approach has been to give students a chance to post their answers to the questions in an online Forum and read how others answered the questions as a way of deepening their understanding. You'll find that each of the questions in the chapters contains a web address where you, too, can take advantage of the Forum.

However, if you want to participate in the Forum, you'll need to agree to some basic guidelines ( In short:

  • No denomination or religion bashing.
  • Practice a loving spirit.
  • Comments may be removed in the future.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Be discrete. Don't give out your e-mail address or share things too personal.

If you haven't participated in the Forum before, you'll need to register first. To keep from getting confused, why don't you read the Instructions for the Forum. They will explain exactly how to register ( 

Once you've registered for the Forum you can introduce yourself to others in this study and get started with the questions posed in each chapter.

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