1 Corinthians
Discipleship Lessons from a Troubled Church
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Preface. Audio (3:22)
Reprint Policy
References and Abbreviations
Introduction to 1 Corinthians. Audio (8:21)
I. Healing a Divided Church (1 Corinthians 1-4)
  1. Healing Church Divisions (1:1-17a). Audio (23:46)
  2. Human vs. Spiritual Wisdom (1:17b-2:16). Audio (33:30)
  3. Building a Healthy Church on Christ's Foundation (3:1-23). Audio (27:08)
  4. The Struggles and Joys of Christian Leaders (4:1-21). Audio (23:32)
II. A Christian View of Sex and Marriage (5:1-7:40)
  5. Confronting Immorality in a Cleansed Church (5:1-13). Audio (28:39)
  6. An Exhortation against Sexual Sin (6:1-18). Audio (34:04)
  7. Marriage and Divorce at the End of the Age (7:1-40). Audio (53:13)
III. Idolatry and Christian Freedom (8:1-10:33)
  8. The Case for Spiritual Purity (chapters 8 and 10). Audio (44:18)
  9. Understanding a Leader's Passion (9:1-27). Audio (41:26)
IV. Public Worship and Its Worthy Conduct (11-14)
  10. Worship and Communion in the Early Church (11:1-34). Audio (44:31)
  11. Diverse and Unifying Gifts in the Church (12:1-31). Audio (44:01)
  12. Love - A More Excellent Way (13:1-13). Audio (27:35)
    Excursus on the Meaning of "That Which Is Perfect" (13:10). Audio (6:28)
  13. Prophecy and Ministry by the Holy Spirit (14:1-39). Audio (44:26)
V. The Resurrection and Conclusion (15-16)
  14. Resurrection and the Coming of Christ (15:1-58). Audio (56:43)
  15. Giving and Personal Matters (16:1-24). Audio (27:24)
Appendix 1. Participant Handout Guides
Appendix 2. The Author's Personal Experience. Audio (2:52)
Appendix 3. Tentative Chronology of Paul and the Corinthians (50-56 AD). Audio (6:05)

Exposition: Steadfast, Immoveable (1 Corinthians 15:58)

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