Disciple Lessons from Ephesians

Disciple Lessons from Ephesians, by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
All the lessons are now available as an e-book or printed book for your convenience.

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NIV Text of Ephesians
Essay: Headship (kephalē) and Submission (hupotassomai) in Ephesians 5:21-33
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Part 1.Doctrine

  Introduction to Ephesians (14:19)
1. Spiritual Blessings in Christ (1:1-6) (19:39)
2. God's Gracious Plan of Redemption (1:7-14) (18:30)
3. The Greatness of Our Christian Inheritance (1:15-23) (24:50)
4. From Deadness in Sin to Coming Alive in Christ (2:1-7) (24:24)
5. Salvation by Grace through Faith (2:8-10) (29:15)
6. Fellow Citizens with the People of God (2:11-22) (28:56)
7. The Mystery, Mission, and Ministry of the Church (3:1-13) (28:57)
8. Paul's Prayer and Doxology (3:14-21) (26:31)

Part 2. Application

9. One Body -- Unity and Diversity (4:1-10) (22:54)
10. Preparation, Ministry, and Maturity (4:11-16) (23:08)
11. Putting on Clean Clothes (4:17-32) (31:51)
12. Imitate Your Father, Children (5:1-20) (28:42)
13. Christian Husbands and Christian Wives (5:21-33) (26:55)
14. Children and Parents, Employers and Employees (6:1-9) (26:28)
15. Wrestling with the Enemy of Our Souls (6:10-18) (27:24)
16. Prevailing through Prayer (6:18-24) (14:27)

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