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JesusWalk: Discipleship Training
in Luke's Gospel

A 808-page book by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

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Would you like to be discipled by Jesus himself?

During his lifetime, Jesus gathered around him 12 disciples who walked with him -- literally -- for three years. Christians now number in the billions, but how many actually walk with him today?

This book examines -- thoughtfully and in considerable detail -- each event, teaching, and parable contained in the Gospel of Luke. Each of the nearly 120 lessons serves as another step on a journey in discipleship known as a JesusWalk, designed to develop believers into committed, trained disciples of Jesus Christ.

The author has taken pains to clarify the main point Jesus was making in each instance to help modern-day disciples comprehend Jesus' lessons in a deep and life-changing way. Each lesson includes a number of thought-provoking discussion questions that help students apply these lessons in their everyday lives.

You may use the book as the basis for your own personal Bible study, for a small group, for a Sunday school class, or to undergird a preaching or teaching series -- with enough material for more than two full years of lessons or sermons.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your commentary on Luke. I teach a Sunday school class in my church and we've been studying the Gospel of Luke for several months. Your study has been invaluable and so applicable to life today." -- Ann O. Campbell

"I have really been encouraged by some of the lessons on the Gospel of Luke. Your writing penetrates below the surface of the text and exposes the heart of the Lord Jesus in his conversations and confrontations. You have been blessed with great insight." -- Pastor Nathan S. Eldridge

"I treated myself to your e-book for Christmas. I just wanted to tell you what a gifted writer you are. Thank you for helping me understand scripture better than I ever have before. I teach in a Catholic school, and you help me in my ministry to the children because you make the gospel clearer to me." -- Nancy Ritzel

"I've been using your online Luke commentary series on a weekly basis for the past two years... Of all the online commentaries I've found, yours helps me the most. I find your commentary balanced, full of common sense and plainly stated." -- Bill Judt, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

"I have used your Luke series as a guide to teaching Sunday school. I am finishing up my second quarter of teaching using this material and would like to go one more quarter. I have totally enjoyed the material and so has my class. I have gotten many comments on how great the class has been. Thanks." -- Howard McCraney, Church of Christ, Alabama

"God called my wife and I to start a new church in the Atlanta area. God clearly led us to embrace expository preaching, specifically the book of Luke. As a church in the 'missional' camp, we knew that our people would need a very clear grasp on the gospel before anything else. Last Sunday we finished the last verse in Luke. While I drew from several really good resources (commentaries, sermons, etc.), your lessons on Luke very quickly became the core text I used to study the writings of Luke. Of course, God's voice straight from the original text drove the whole thing but the perspective the Holy Spirit gave you was so helpful. For a year-and-a-half, we journeyed, in part, with you through Luke." -- Tim Coleman, Lead Pastor, Browns Mill Church, Newnan, GA

"Your commentary on Luke is one of the finest and I want you to know it is highly valued as I prepare to lead our group." -- George Schoenhals

The book is available in both paperback and e-book formats.

  Paperback format, $29.95, must be ordered through or other online booksellers. You may also ask your local bookstore to order it. The paperback book has 808 pages and is 7.5" x 9.25". ISBN 0981972187 (978-0-9819721-9-0).

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JesusWalk: Discipleship Training in Luke's Gospel, by Ralph F. Wilson

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