References and Standard Abbreviations

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

BDAG A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature by Walter Bauer and Frederick William Danker, (Third Edition; based on previous English editions by W.F. Arndt, F.W. Gingrich, and F.W. Danker; University of Chicago Press, 1957, 1979, 2000). ISBN 0226039331. The modern standard NT Greek lexicon.
BDB A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament, Francis Brown, S.R. Driver, and Charles A. Briggs (Clarendon Press, 1907). ISBN: 1565632060
DOTP Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch, T. Desmond Alexander and David W. Baker (eds.) (InterVarsity Press, 2003). ISBN 0830817816. 
ISBE The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Geoffrey W. Bromiley (general editor), (Eerdmans, 1979-1988; fully revised from the 1915 edition). ISBN: 0802837859. Excellent 4-volume scholarly, evangelical Bible dictionary.
KB Lexicon in Veteris Testamenti Libros, edited by Ludwig Koehler and Walter Baumgartner (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1958). ISBN: 9004076395. Newer Hebrew/Aramaic-German-English lexicon, though it doesn't fully displace BDB.
Keil and Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament, Carl Friedrich Keil and Franz Delitzsch (Eerdmans, reprinted 1976). Vol 1 (Pentateuch) was written by Carl Friedrich Keil (Johann Friedrich Karl Keil, 1807-1888), published in German in 1861 and translated by James Martin from German. Current ISBN 0913573884
NIDNTT New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology, Colin Brown (editor; Zondervan, 1975-1978; translated with additions and revisions from Theologisches Begriffslexikon zum Neuen Testament, Coenen, Beyreuther, and Bitenhard, editors), ISBN 0310332389. 
TDNT Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Gerhard Kittel and Gerhard Friedrich (editors), Geoffrey W. Bromiley (translator and editor), (Eerdmans, 1964-1976; translated from Theologisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament, ten volume edition). CD-ROM, ISBN 1577990994. Standard for many years, mixture of conservative and liberal treatments of NT Greek words.
TDOT Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament, G. Johannes Botterweck and Helmer Ringgren (eds.), John T. Willis (trans.), (Eerdmans, 1975-).
TWOT Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, R. Laird Harris, Gleason L. Archer, Jr., and Bruce K. Waltke, editors), (2 volumes, Moody Press, 1980. ISBN: 0802486312). An electronic version is available for iExalt WordSearch.

Some of the Books on the Names of God

Names and Titles of God, by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

Now available as in paperback and  e-book formats. Includes Hebrew & Greek word studies, discussion questions and handouts for groups or classes, suggests songs, comprehensive with 120 core names, titles, etc., total of 219 varieties.  Detailed index. Modestly priced. Buy your copy today.

While I referred to some of these, most of my research came from commentaries and the reference works listed above.

Jukes, Andrew, The Names of God: Discovering God as He Desires to be Known (Kregel, 1967). ISBN 0825429587

Mettinger, Tryggve N. D.; Frederick H. Cryer (Translator), In Search of God: The Meaning and Message of the Everlasting Names (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1988). ISBN 0800608925. An excellent, scholarly study of YHWH, My Father's God, El, The Living God, the Lord as King, The Lord of Hosts, the Regnant God, God as Redeemer, Savior, Creator, and Job and His God. A very pricey book at $75 to $125. I was able to obtain a copy through interlibrary loan.

Moyter, J.A., The Revelation of the Divine Name (Westminster Press, 1965)

Stone, Nathan, Names of God (Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, 1944). ISBN 0802458548.

Towns, Elmer L., My Father's Names (Regal Books, 1991). ISBN 0830714472

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