by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

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James Tissot, Moses
James J. Tissot, "Moses" (1896-1902), watercolor, Jewish Museum, New York. Larger image.
Moses is awe-inspiring. From a distance he is a grand and epic figure. But close up, he can be studied as a somewhat reluctant leader trying desperately to learn to lead under God's direction. My interest is on what we can learn from Moses as a man of faith and as a leader of God's people.

You may be a church member and disciple. But, more likely than not, you're also a leader in your church, perhaps as a deacon or elder or pastor. As you take the time to look at Moses the man, you'll learn a lot that can benefit you in your ministry. Even as a seasoned pastor myself, I am struggling to learn afresh the lessons that this 80-year-old, newly-minted leader was learning from God during his on-the-job training.

To get through the Moses material in the Pentateuch, we'll move right along, studying four to six chapters from the Bible each lesson -- or even more. We'll focus, however, on particular passages that illuminate Moses' situation, his faith, his leadership challenges, and the decisions he made as a leader of God's people.

I want to thank the dear people at First Baptist Church of Nevada City, California, who gave me an opportunity to appreciate a deeper level and practice along with them the principles of leadership pioneered by Moses.

Moses the Reluctant Leader, by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
Available as an e-book and paperback

I invite you to join me on this quest to learn from Moses, the man of God.

Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
April 1, 2011
Loomis, California

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