What People Are Saying about 'Conquering Lamb of Revelation'

"Lifted the veil off my appreciation and understanding of the Book of Revelation, which had previously seemed daunting and in-comprehensible to me." -- Richard Mwale, Botswana

"Refreshment to my spirit in difficult times" -- David Kohn, Alabama

"Well reasoned and theologically sound." -- Pastor Phil Alba, New York

"Takes you on a journey to evaluate your life with Jesus." -- Ken Shepard, California

"Boosts your awe quotient." -- Judith Clough, Wisconsin

"Spent most of my time in tears praising God through this study." -- Theresa M., Canada

"A spiritual gym, daily allowing the believer to build spiritual muscles with this wonderful meditative tool for spiritual strength and joy in life's battles." -- Glenda Samuel, Montserrat

"The questions Dr. Wilson asks you to answer at the end of each lesson really force you to think about what you read -- and to absorb it." -- Moses Sole, New York

"Bite-size chunks -- just right for my time and to absorb the content." -- Joan Sider, Canada

"The audio and text set up is great. You can read and listen at the same time." -- Susan Schwemmer

"Insightful, deeply researched, and aligned with scripture, not twisted or manipulated to serve an agenda." -- Brooke Abbott, California

"Fascinating -- even those bits I thought I knew. It was good to be reminded of it." -- Terence H., retired pastor

"Appreciate the thoroughness, research, and openness about things that we can't be sure about." -- Helen Altmann, Australia

"Being in the Lamb's book of life is such an eye-opening blessing and gives such joy and peace." -- Lori Ruble, Indiana

"The redemptive grace of the Lamb of God struck me so powerfully." -- Pastor David Rout, India

"Have come to see the book of Revelation in a completely new light. I no longer consider it to be very deep and mysterious. I am starting to grasp some of the symbolism." -- Al Ferguson, New Zealand

"It ran like a soap opera for 24 days. I am indeed blessed by this." -- Surya Kumar Ippenta, United Arab Emirates

"The focus on the Lamb of God is a fresh way of looking at Jesus. Well written, well researched, and well presented, it fits somewhere between the traditional short devotional and a longer study.  This format allows the reader to easily fit one study/devotional into each day." -- J.M., Canada

"Appreciate that the explanations were not attacking any denomination." -- Ital Mutoko, South Africa

"We can get entrenched in narrow mindsets. Studies like this help broaden one's vision." -- Shanta Mathai, India

"Easy to follow while being quite in-depth." -- Margaret Crossan, Australia

"Enjoyed the lessons coming every day. I was thinking about that day's lesson all through my work day, which led to implementation of the newly learned thought or behavior." -- Cindy Jones

"A wonderfully detailed look at the Lamb in the Book of Revelation that brings further understanding to the victory we have in Jesus Christ." -- Janine Robertson, Colorado

"This is one the best Bible study exercises I have taken." -- Michael Sofolawe, Brooklyn, New York

"I used to be scared of the book of Revelation, but I have changed my mind. I love this book now, a book that speaks powerfully of a journey of redemption." -- Josephia Lau, UK

"Brought Jesus The Lamb into focus, and warmed my heart." Philip Rowland, UK

"We have fallen into a low view of God. His glory, majesty, power, and might as explored in this study go a long way to rectifying this." -- P. J. Lazarus, India

"Dr. Wilson has taken a difficult subject and made it so accessible, because the focus is on the Lamb of God and not on speculations." -- Hennelien Landman, UK

"The content is Bible-based, Christ-centered, and Spirit-filled. The research is both thorough and accurate, presented in a style that is engaging, challenging, but, most of all, accessible." -- Ron Povey, UK

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