Appendix 4. Timeline Related to Isaiah's Prophecies

Here's a summary timeline that will help you plot major events during this time. Since Isaiah's later prophecies concern the period of Exile and Restoration, I've included some of those events, too. Note: these dates are approximate and may vary by a few years.

783-742 BC Uzziah reigns in Judah
742-735 Jotham reigns in Judah
745-727 Tiglath-pileser of Assyria
738 Tiglath-pileser campaigns in Philistia, and Northern Palestine
736 Jerusalem threatened by Israel and Syria; Ahaz becomes a vassal of Tiglath-pileser
732-716 Ahaz reigns in Judah
726-722 Shalmaneser reigns in Assyria
721-704 Sargon reigns in Assyria
721 Samaria falls, northern kingdom of Israel/Ephraim is deported
720 Sargon defeats Egyptians at Raphia
715-687 Hezekiah reigns in Judah
730-656 Rise of 25th (Ethiopian) Dynasty in Egypt


Egypt encourages Philistia to rebel
711 Sargon puts down rebellion in west
704 Sargon dies; Hezekiah rebels against Assyria
704-681 Sennacherib reigns in Assyria
701 Sennacherib campaigns in the West. Defeats Tyre, defeats the Egyptian army at Eltekeh, defeats Philistine cities, defeats 46 Judean cities including Lachish. Hezekiah pays tribute; Sennacherib sends troops to Jerusalem, then a letter. Assyrian army suffers epidemic and withdraws. Hezekiah is sick, promised 15 more years of life.
687/6 Hezekiah dies, succeeded by evil son Manasseh
609 Reforming King Josiah of Judah killed by Egyptian forces at the Battle of Megiddo.


At the Battle of Carchemish, Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon. defeats the combined armies of Assyria and Egypt, signaling the end Assyrian might and Egyptian intervention.
604 First wave of exiles deported from Judah to Babylon including Daniel.
597 Jerusalem is defeated. Second group of exiles is deported to Babylon.


Jerusalem is destroyed. Third and final group of exiles is deported to Babylon. Kingdom of Judah ceases to exist.
539 Babylon falls to Cyrus II, king of Persia.
538 Cyrus allows first wave of Jews to return to Jerusalem.
537-520 Temple rebuilt in Jerusalem.

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