What Others Have Said about Elijah: Rebuilding Yahweh's Altar

"Absolutely profound, well researched and presented in the most user friendly and readable way. Love the depth of the studies." -- Val Appanna, South Africa

"Provides a 'this is what really happened' view to the stories of the people and events of the Bible. -- Judith O'Donnell, Methodist Christian Education leader, Massachusetts

"A unique approach which is refreshing and very stimulating." -- Elaine Leck, UK

"So rich, especially the background contextual information." -- Glenn Lavenberg, Suriname, South America

"In-depth. You feel like you are walking with Elijah." -- Sharon Kitching, UK

"To the point, easy to understand, and easy to apply to one's daily life." -- Loni Symmons, Washington State

"Thought provoking questions have lead me to deep meditation and review of my life." -- Michael Cialone, New York

"Down-to-earth questions in the end of each section add value as to the application of the passage."  -- Wilfredo Adriano, Pastor, Philippines

"Elijah's time of depression happens to pastors today as well.  Reading about his depression at the bearer of bad news to people has a profound impact on their frame of mind, and helps me recognize those time when I have been depressed working for the Lord." -- Pastor Jack, Virginia

"Conveys biblical truth in such a way that the ordinary person can understand." -- Ron Povey, UK

"A balanced and unbiased assessment of how other faith communities interpret a passage." -- Kathy Falk, Ireland

"Highly recommended for clergy and bible study groups to widen their scope." -- Pastor Gopalan, Malaysia

"Lessons always dig deep into the text of the Bible."  -- Billy-Jane, UK

"Detailed historical background about the time of Elijah." -- Kerrie Kean, Australia

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