Appendix 2. Chronology of the Early Church (Acts 1-12)

Dates are approximate, drawn from the work of evangelical Bible scholars.456

Public Ministry of Jesus ca. 28-30 AD
Resurrection, Ascension, Pentecost Apr-May 30
Martyrdom of Stephen in Jerusalem 30-31
Ministry of Philip in Samaria 30-31
Conversion of Saul/Paul ca. 33
Saul's first post-conversion Visit to Jerusalem 35
Saul in Tarsus of Cilicia 35-45
Conversion of Centurion's Household in Caesarea457 37
Martyrdom of the Apostle James by Herod Agrippa I458 41
Death of Herod Agrippa I in Caesarea 44
Paul Joins Barnabas at Antioch 45
Famine-Relief Visit to Jerusalem 46
First Missionary Journey. Paul accompanies Barnabas to Cyprus and South Galatia 47-48
Execution of Peter and Paul 65
Roman-Jewish War 66-70
Death of Nero 68
Fall of Jerusalem 70
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References and Abbreviations

[456] Drawn from F.F. Bruce, ISBE 3:709 (1979), Paul: Apostle of the Heart Set Free (1977), p. 475.
NT Wright, Paul: A Biography (2018), pp. 433-434; F.F. Bruce, "Acts of the Apostles: IX. Chronology of Acts" ISBE 1:42-43.

[457] Schnabel (Acts, p. 473) sees it unlikely that Roman troops were stationed in Caesarea during the reign of Herod Agrippa beginning in AD 41 (citing Avemarie, Tauferzählungen pp. 340-41).

[458] Herod Agrippa became ruler in Jerusalem in 41 AD.

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