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Discipleship Resources

There are many resources available for those who seek to develop a ministry in discipling believers. Beginning during World War II, the Navigators pioneered this type of ministry and have contributed much expertise to the Body of Christ. These are some of the resources I have found especially helpful.

  • LeRoy Eims, The Lost Art of Disciple Making (Zondervan, 1978, ISBN 031037281X). This is a classic. One of the most helpful features is Appendix 1, "Training Objectives for a Disciple," a careful listing of 30 discipleship topics, each with a one-sentence objective, activities, materials, and appropriate scriptures. It's worth the price of the book. Used copies are available on Amazon at very low cost.
  • Discipleship Journal is published online by NavPress. It contains articles on growing in your own spiritual life as well as helping others grow. Excellent. Many back issues are available online for viewing or purchase.
  • The Topical Memory System (NavPress, 2006, ISBN 1576839974), is a classic approach to memorizing 60 important verses. I strongly recommend it.
  • Bill Hull, The Complete Book of Discipleship: On Being and Making Followers of Christ (NavPress, 2006, ISBN 1576838978). This author also wrote the influental Disciple-Making Pastor (Baker, 2007, ISBN 0801066220) and The Disciple-Making Church (Revell, 1998, ISBN 0800756274).

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