Chronology of Paul's Apostolic Career

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

Though the exact dates elude us, here is an approximate chronology of Paul's apostolic career, give or take a year or two. Precision in such a chronology is impossible, of course, but it doesn't really affect the message. At least it gives you a mental overview in which to place Paul's letters.

Dates only
1-10 AD Born to a religiously observant Jewish family in Tarsus in Cilicia
20-30 Studies under Rabbi Gamaliel in Jerusalem
27 Crucifixion of Christ
29-34 Persecutes of the Church
34 Converted at Damascus,
34-37 Spends time in the Arabian desert
37 First Jerusalem Visit, meets Peter, James, and Barnabas
37-43 Stays in his hometown of Tarsus
43 Co-ministry with Barnabas in Antioch
47-48 First Missionary Journey
48 Second Visit to Jerusalem, Famine Relief
48-50 Second Missionary Journey, Macedonia
50-51 Ministry in Corinth, 18 months
53-54 Ministry in Ephesus, 2 years
55-56 Wrote Letter to the Romans
56-57 Journey to Jerusalem with collection
57-59 Arrest in Jerusalem, imprisoned in Caesarea 2 years.
59-60 Trial before Festus, voyage to Rome
60-62 First imprisonment in Rome, 2 years (Acts 20:30-31)1
62-64 Mission to Spain (1 Clement 5:7)
  Second Aegean ministry (Crete, Macedonia, etc.)
65 Wrote 1 Timothy and Titus
66/67 Visited Miletus
67 Second imprisonment in Rome, wrote 2 Timothy
67/68 Execution in Rome during 14th year of Nero2
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  1. I drew heavily on Loveday C. A. Alexander, "Chronology of Paul," DPL 115-123.
  2. For the theory of Paul's second Roman imprisonment see E.E. Ellis, "Pastoral Epistles," DLP 661-662.


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