Genealogy of the House of Saul

Genealogy of the House of Saul, by Ralph F. Wilson
Larger image of the genealogy of the House of Saul

[1] Ner could be interpreted as Kish's brother in 1 Chronicles 9:36, thus Saul's cousin. However, in 1 Chronicles 8:33 and 9:39, Ner is clearly the father of Kish. Thus Abner is Saul's uncle (1 Samuel 14:50-51). The word is dwd, "beloved uncle." The word is used in the Old Testament 58 times. 38 are 'beloved' (all in Song of Solomon), 8 are 'love,' and 17 are 'uncle' (Earl S. Kalland, dwd, TWOT #410a). It is possible, however, that there may have been two men named Kish, one being Ner's brother and the other his son, "we just don't know ("Ner," ISBE 3:519-520; M.L. Margolis, "Abner," ISBE 1:12-13).

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