Songs and Hymns from Galatians

Galatians is not especially rich in the songs it has inspired, but you'll see a few familiar ones here. The traditional hymns can be found on The CyberHymnal - The more recent songs can be found on the SongSelect feature of

1:4-5 "To God be the Glory," words: Fanny Crosby (1875), music: W. Howard Doane
2:16 " If Thy Beloved Son, O God," words: Johann Heerman (1630); music:  "Nun Fruet Euch," Martin Luther (1535)
2:20 "I Have Been Crucified With Christ," by Steve Merkel and Wes Tuttle (© 2006, Integrity's Hosanna Music)
2:20 "Crucified with Christ," by Charlie LeBlanc (© 1976, Joyful Word Music)
2:20 "Crucified with Christ," by Dave Clark, Denise Phillips, Don Koch, and Randy Phillips (© 1995, Aroise Music / World of Pentecost Publishing)
2:20 "Christ Liveth in Me," words: Daniel W. Whittle (1891), music: James McGranahan
3:8 "Make Me a Blessing," by George Stark Schuler and Ira Bishop Wilson (© 1924, 1952, Word Music)
3:13 "What Wondrous Love Is This" ("... to bear the dreadful curse for my soul"), by Alexander Means (1835)
3:13 "My Redeemer," words: Philip P. Bliss (1876), James McGranahan (1877)
3:16 "His Child Forevermore," words: Fanny Crosby (1887), music: John R. Sweney
5:1 "He Set Me Free," Haldor Lillenas (1909)
5:13 "The Servant Song," by Robert Gillard, (© 1977, Scripture in Song)
5:13 "Serve One Another," by Debi and Jim Higgins, Michael and Tanya Goodman Sykes (© 1990 Word Music)
5:16 "By Our Love," by Christy Nockels (© 2009, Songs
5:16 "Walking in the Spirit," by David Morris (© 1986, Integrity's Hosanna! Music)
5:22-23 "Galatians 5:22-23," Stan Pethel (© 1982, Broadman Press)
5:22-23 "Fruit of the Spirit," Terry Butler (© 2001, Mercy / Vineyard Publisher)
5:22-23 "Fruit of the Spirit," by Heather Jeffcote, Jules Riding, and Marissa Middlemiss (© 2003, Elkanah Music)
5:22-23 "Fruit-Bearing," by Clara McAlister
5:22-23 "The Fruit Song," by Rick Muchow (© 1995, Encouraging Music)
6:7 "Be Not Deceived," by Evelyne Tyerman (© 1969, Child Evangelism Fellowship")
6:7 We Reap as We Sow," by Charles W. Taylor (1907)
6:9 "Be Brave, Be Strong" ("... and let us not grow weary while doing good"), by Ed Kerr and Paul Baloche (© 1993, Integrity's Hosanna! Music)
6:10 "Do All the Good You Can," words: Fanny Crosby (1905), music: W. Howard Doane. From quote by John Wesley
6:10 "We Should Do Good," by Rob Biagi (© 2004, Group Publishing)
6:14 "In the Cross of Christ I Glory," words: John Bowring (1825), music: Ithamar Conkey (1849)
6:14 "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross," words: Isaac Watts (1707), music: Lowell Mason (1824)

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