Recommendations for Listening for God's Voice

Here's a selection of responses to those who completed the e-mail Bible study version of Listening for God's Voice:

"Now experiencing God in a new way." -- Charmaine Mendez, Jamaican Pentecostal

"My wow moment was when I realized that He speaks to me, but this time I knew His voice!" -- Miekie Lombard, South African Pentecostal

"Amazing gift of academic and intellectual stimulation together with spiritual insight and up-to-date practical application." -- Wesley Loane, Methodist pastor, United Kingdom

"Changed my life as I understood why Jesus went to a solitary place.... I give this study 5 stars out of 5!" -- Gerry Willerton, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Canada

"Clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit. Simple and yet profound." -- Brian Gallagher, Irish Roman Catholic

"Succinct yet eye-opening experience for those who are yearning to learn how to advance their relationship with God." -- AnnaTherese O'Hara, Anglican

"One-of-a-kind of Bible study that I had never heard or read about in my fifty years as a Christian. Strengthened my prayer life." -- Ken Lutz, Nazarene

"Refreshing mix of Spirit-filled and theologically sound studies." -- Vanessa Reinhart, Vineyard Christian Fellowship

"Encouraged me to recognize God's voice and taught me how to confirm it." -- Edwina Vasantha, Church of South India

"A wake up call kind of study. Stirs me up and puts me on my toes. Very motivational and encouraging." -- Sunday Otaru, Nigerian Bible study leader

"I have learnt to truly 'find' that time to consult with God." -- Blondell Caines, Jamaica, Church of God Bible study leader

"Often times we are not sure if it is God's voice or our own. This study really clarified the difference and showed me how to discern between the two." -- Donna Smith

"It caused me to stop and listen to God as He speaks.... Really woke me up!" -- James Odom, Baptist Bible study leader

"Provided the stimulus to get back into 'listening.'"-- Neil Crawford, Brethren, New Zealand

"This is about life and being connected to God. Nothing super-spiritual, but sound Bible study." -- Jorunn A Langmoen, Evangelical Lutheran, Bible study leader

"The most profound study on hearing the voice of God that I have ever encountered." -- Charlie Sigmon, Roman Catholic

Available in PDF, Kindle, and paperback formats.

"Taught me how to be still and be in tuned to God. The responses have been exciting and scary." -- Ann Woodard

"Made me spend more time in God's presence and it helped me with my dual hearing." -- Alvera Wilcox

"I wasn't giving God a chance to respond.... Opened my eyes to meditating on the word of God." -- Isaiah Calloway, Missionary Baptist

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