Here's what those who have completed the study have to say about Names and Titles of God

"I like to get to the nitty gritty. Dr. Ralph explains the Aramaic and Hebrew meaning of the words used and then everything is abundantly clear." -- Moira Cornford

"Draws concepts from the entire Bible, not just isolated passages." -- Tricia Smith

"Simple in presentation, but effective for busy people." -- Cora

"Does not assume or guess, but lets Bible truths speaks for themselves. " -- Rev. Kelvin Hildreth

"I give it a 10 out of 10." -- Dorothy R. Brant

"Thorough and thought provoking." -- Julie Mahnke

"The exercise of writing answers brings mind-blowing experiences of God." -- Helen Murray

"Simplicity along with academic excellence." -- Paulus Trimanto Wibowo

"Provides much food for growing into a closer relationship with God." -- Veronica Heabler

"A valuable resource for anyone who seeks to lead a small group study." -- Mitch Ziller

"It broke me to tears and shook up areas of sin. Areas that had hard shells over them were cracked open. I was forced to look at my life, my heart, and my actions." -- Ann L. Babcock

"As a lay preacher I found myself using some of the contents in my sermons without being aware at first." -- Roy Evans

"Opened my eyes to the greatness of our God... Provided a basis for effective prayer." Luke Jones

"Refreshingly challenging, but not overly academic." -- David S. Hill

"As I read and contemplated the questions asked, I reached deep inside of myself to find the answers.... Leads you to take a look at your life events and how God really has always been there through it all!" -- Sally Wimberely

"Totally Scripture-based." -- Marcia O'Hair

"Thought-provoking questions made us take a good, hard look at not only our lives, but how we worship." -- Bonnie Burnham

"As a pastor and bible teacher of some 33 years, I heartily recommend this and other studies by Dr. Wilson as they are truly Bible-based and Spirit-led." -- Rev. Bruce Hachey

"Wonderful Bible lessons which enriched my soul and all my life." -- Ivo Milton Latanza, Sao Paulo, Brasil

"In-depth research imparted in language even I can understand." -- Gary Collins

"The thoroughness of the teaching was its greatest recommendation." -- Kenneth L Goodacre, South Africa

"Life changing and fun to study." -- B.M. Hall

"Made me aware of God's Presence in my daily life. During this study I felt that this awesome, powerful, magnificent, loving God loves even me." -- Barbara Johnson

"His Names are always there as fantastic jump-of-points for praise and worship!" -- Marcia

"Sound biblical and theological study ... excellent pacing." -- Daniel M. Villa

"As a layman with limited time for Bible study, I found this study to be very informative and comprehensive without becoming cumbersome." -- Rich Brown

"Inspirational ... serve to further develop the Christian's relationship with God." -- Rachel Ellis

"Has made God more personal to me... Definitely helped me on a closer walk with Him." -- Mary

"A life-changing experience that has opened my mind to knowing God in a more special way." -- Eunice Comnashar

"The 'meat' in Bible studies that is missing in churches today." -- James Horsley

"Gentle Christ-like attitude combined with solid doctrine, a rare combination." -- Lisa

"The questions hit home many times." -- Craig 'Spike' Davidson

"A great starting point for new Christians, who will get a real sense of the majesty of God through the study." -- Kay Verdi

"Helpful in my daily walk with God." -- Susan White

 "Fine for personal or small group study." -- David Squire

"I seriously doubt that you will find a more comprehensive, Bible-based study of this topic." Tom Nabors

"Has immensely improved my worship sessions with the Lord, since it has broadened a whole lot my concept of God's love." -- Nkoyo Attah

"Amazed at the constant, reliable depth. I have never experienced such devotion to God's word." -- Susan Dennis

"Brought me to a deeper place of intimacy and enhanced my prayer life and times with God." -- Laura Chase

"Direct, straightforward, well-written, well-researched, easy-to-understand, but not shallow." -- Norman Silver

"Truly anointed. God shows Himself in this study. You start out reading and the next thing you know it's like God takes over and He teaches you." -- Lori Binggeli

"The most complete Bible study on the Names of God." -- Jose Soto

"Of the books I have proofread for you, this is the best so far. Very inspiring!" -- David Knoch, Pismo Beach, California

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