Names and Titles of Jesus, by Dr. Ralph F. WilsonNames and Titles of Jesus

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
JesusWalk Publications, 2016
192 pages

Table of Contents

Preface 3
  Table of Contents 5
  References and Abbreviations 10
  Reprint Guidelines 12
Introduction to the Names and Titles of Jesus 13
  Why Study the Names and Titles of Jesus? 13
  What Is a Title of Jesus? 13
  Messianic References 14
  Second Person of the Trinity 15
  Features of This Study 15
1. Jesus the Nazarene Carpenter's Son 17
  The Jesus of History 17
  Early Historical References to Jesus 17
  The Given Name of Jesus 18
  Usage of the Name Jesus 20
  Son of Joseph and Mary 20
  Genealogies 21
  Carpenter 21
  Nazarene 22
  Messianic Prophecy Concerning Galilee 23
2. Jesus our Rabbi, Teacher, Prophet, and Word 31
  Jesus the Rabbi 31
  A Rabbi and His Disciples 32
  Jesus the Prophet 34
  Jesus Is the Word, the Logos 36
  Logos 37
  Jesus Is the Faithful and True Witness 38
  Jesus Is the Truth 39
  Jesus Is the Wisdom of God 40
  Jesus and Lady Wisdom of Proverbs 8 41
  Wonderful Counselor 42
3. Jesus the Son of Man 45
  The Hebrew Idiom 45
  Daniel's Heavenly Son of Man 46
  Jesus' Use of Son of Man in the Gospels 48
  The Man Christ Jesus 48
  Two Natures in One Person 49
  Man of Sorrows 50
  Seed of the Woman, Seed of Abraham 50
  The Last Adam 51
  Mediator of a New Covenant 52
  Jesus the Advocate and Reconciler 53
  Consolation of Israel 54
  Our Hope 55
  Jesus, the Apostle of God 55
  Jesus, the Indescribable Gift 56
4. Jesus the Messiah, Christ, and Son of David 59
  Anointing 59
  The Davidic Covenant 60
  Messianic Prophecy 61
  Jesus the Messiah 64
  Titles as Christ 65
  Son of David 66
  Seed or Offspring of David 66
  Root, Branch, and Shoot 67
  The Lion of Judah 68
  The Chosen One 69
5. Jesus our Lord, the Divine Son of God 73
  Uses of Son of God 73
  The Son in the Synoptic Gospels 75
  Son of God in John's Gospel 76
  Alternate Divine Titles 76
  My Beloved Son 76
  Jesus the "Only-Begotten" 77
  The Only-Begotten God 79
  Lord (and Master) 80
  Lord and Rabbi 83
  The "I Am" Sayings in John's Gospel 84
  Jesus as God 85
  Image of Invisible God 86
  Emmanuel, God with Us 86
6. Jesus the Lamb of God, Holy and Righteous One 91
  Holiness and Righteousness 91
  Absolute Goodness 92
  The Righteous One 92
  Righteous Branch 93
  Our Righteousness 94
  Righteous Judge 94
  The Holy One 95
  The Lamb of God 96
  Animal Sacrifice 97
  Behold, the Lamb of God 98
  Jesus the Servant 99
  A Servant Mentality 100
  Jesus our Priest 101
7. Jesus our Savior, Shepherd, and Redeemer 106
  God My Savior 107
  Prophecies of a Savior 107
  Friend of Sinners 108
  Rescuer, Deliverer 108
  Combinations Using Savior 109
  Redeemer 111
  The Kinsman-Redeemer 111
  Boaz the Kinsman-Redeemer 112
  Jesus Our Ransom and Redeemer 112
  Jesus Our Shepherd 114
8. Jesus our Head, Cornerstone, and Way 120
  Jesus is Head 120
  Head of the Body, the Church 121
  God our Rock 122
  Messianic Prophecies Regarding the Stone 122
  Stone, Cornerstone, Foundation, and Capstone 124
  Jesus the Way, the Door, the Gate 127
  Banner for the Peoples 129
  Jesus, the Great Physician 130
9. Jesus our Light, Life, Bread, and Bridegroom 134
  Jesus the Light of the World 134
  Messianic Prophecy of the Light 135
  The Sun of Righteousness 136
  Rising Sun, Dayspring 136
  Morning Star 136
  The Life-Giver 137
  The Bread of Life 138
  Jesus the Vine 139
  The Resurrection and the Life 139
  The True God and Eternal Life 140
  The Author of Life 140
  Christ Who Is Your Life 140
  Husband and Bridegroom 141
  The Covenant and Guarantor of the Covenant 142
10. Jesus the Risen King of Glory 147
  God's Shekinah Glory 148
  Jesus' Glory 150
  Glory at the Coming of the Son of Man 150
  Jesus the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega 151
  Author and Perfecter of Our Faith 153
  Christ the Firstborn 153
  Firstborn from among the Dead 155
  Heir of All Things 156
  The Desire of All Nations 156
  The Messenger of the Covenant 157
  Refiner and Purifier 158
  Jesus the Judge 159
  Messiah's Reign Will Have No End 160
  Commander, Leader, Prince 161
  King of Glory Enters Jerusalem 163
Appendix 1. Participant Handout Guides 171
Appendix 2. Names, Titles, Metaphors, and Descriptors of Jesus: A Comprehensive List 172
Appendix 3. Songs and Hymns Celebrating Names and Titles of Jesus Christ 186
Appendix 4. The Title Son of Man in the Gospels 187
  Jesus' Use of Son of Man in John's Gospel 188
Appendix 5. Disputed Titles of Jesus 190
  Titles from the Song of Solomon 190
  Plant of Renown 190
  Jesus as the Angel of the Lord 190
Appendix 6. Exercises to Help You Internalize the Names of Jesus 191

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