What Readers Say about
Lord's Supper: Meditations for Disciples

"In-depth topical study of the Lord's Supper. Careful to avoid contentious areas and at the same time is comprehensive." -- Tom N., Episcopalian

"For being such a sensitive topic, Dr. Wilson very ably addresses specifics without disrespecting any particular denomination." -- Shari S., Assemblies of God

"A very thorough study that included exposition as well as application. It is like a 'fresh' look at the Lord's Supper." -- Rickey C., Quaker

"An in-depth, well-researched study that will challenge and educate believers at any stage of their walk." -- Rev. John L., Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

"It helps to deepen one's understanding of the Eucharist." -- Marie Jeanne, Roman Catholic

"My Aha! moment came when I realized that eating the bread and drinking the wine symbolized internalizing the atoning elements, bull, goat. I never before saw the correlation. This study has made partaking in communion much more meaningful. Definitely a WOW experience." -- Ilene L., American Baptist

"Suits busy pastors as it gives a comprehensive and in-depth study of the Lord's Supper. Valuable for preaching material or serious bible study. Well recommended." Rev. Gordon C., South Australia

"Goes far beyond what other teachers do in getting to the heart of each idea, concept, truth, and word. Nothing is left unexplained." -- Gerald M., United Methodist

"Even after many years of serving communion as a pastor, the study helped me gain a deeper love and appreciation for the meaning of this element." -- Elwood O., Church of the Nazarene

"Solid, well thought out, and presented." -- Dr. Richard C., Southern Baptist

"Very easy reading and applicable for the new believer and the seasoned Christian." -- Cathy R., Baptist

"Remarkable for its careful research, scholarship, vision, ability to bring the Scripture texts alive for now, rather than peering into something of past ages only. Challenged me in my personal, ongoing relationship with the Lord." -- Bruce McG., Roman Catholic

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