Series 1. Jesus' Early and Galilean Ministries (part 1; Luke 3:1-6:49)

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Dr. Ralph F. WilsonNote that the purpose of this study is to train you as a disciple, not to "cover lots of material rapidly." To change your heart takes time. It is a process, so you can't rush it, even if you try. This material is deep and takes time to absorb and respond to. Nevertheless, you have a choice of frequency. -- Pastor Ralph

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20 Lessons

Jesus and John: Early Ministry (Luke 3:1-4:13)

  1. A Voice Calling "Prepare" (3:1-6). Audio (16:26)
  2. Produce the Fruit of Repentance (3:7-14). Audio (15:37)
  3. Baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire (3:15-18). Audio (17:01)
    Essay: Spirit Baptism, the New Birth, and Speaking in Tongues. Audio ()
  4. Baptism of Jesus and Anointing with the Holy Spirit (3:18-23a). Audio (19:01)
    Genealogy (3:23b-38, not included)
  5. Jesus' Temptation (4:1-13). Audio (27:26)

Jesus' Galilean Ministry (part 1) (4:14-6:49)

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  1. Jesus' Commission (4:14-20a). Audio (31:41)
  2. Rejection at Nazareth (4:20b-30). Audio (13:20)
  3. Confronting Demons at Capernaum (4:31-37, 41). Audio (14:41)
    Essay: Demonization and Deliverance in Jesus' Ministry. Audio (19:09)
  4. Healing the Sick at Capernaum (4:38-44). Audio (19:49)
    Essay: Introduction to Textual Criticism. Audio (12:56)
  5. The Call of Peter, James, and John (5:1-11). Audio (20:40)
  6. The Will to Make Lepers Whole (5:12-16). Audio (17:55)
  7. Healing the Paralyzed Man (5:17-26). Audio (19:12)
    Essay: Religious Leaders in Jesus' Day. Audio (4:35)
    Essay: Son of Man. Audio (4:15)
  8. Calling Levi the Tax Collector (5:27-32). Audio (21:02)
  9. New Wine in Old Wineskins (5:33-39). Audio (19:37)
  10. Lord of the Sabbath (6:1-11). Audio (18:08)
  11. Selection of the Twelve Apostles (6:12-19). Audio (25:01)
  12. Blessings and Woes (6:20-26). Audio (30:33)
  13. Love Your Enemies (6:27-36). Audio (28:24)
  14. Forgiveness over Judgment (6:37-42). Audio (25:34)
  15. Good Tree, Good Fruit, Good Foundation (Luke 6:43-49). Audio (14:30)

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