John's Gospel: A Discipleship Journey with Jesus, by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson (JesusWalk. 2015)John's Gospel: A Discipleship Journey with Jesus

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
JesusWalk Publications, 2015
459 pages

Table of Contents



   Table of Contents6
   References and Abbreviations20
   Reprint Guidelines23

 Introduction to John's Gospel

   Date and Place26
   John and the Synoptics27

Section I - Prologue (1:1-18)


 1. The Word Became Flesh (1:1-18)

   The Word Was God (1:1-3)29
   Light and Life (1:4-5)31
   John's Witness to the Light (1:6-8)31
   The Light Is Not Recognized or Received by All (1:9-13)33
   Those Who Believed and Received Jesus (1:12-13)34
   The Word Became Flesh (1:14a)35
   Glory of the 'Only-Begotten' (1:14b)36
   Making the Father Known (1:15-18)38
   The Only-Begotten God (1:18)39
   Lessons for Disciples40

Section II. The Signs and Public Discourses of Jesus (1:19 - 12:50)


 2. John the Baptist's Witness to the Lamb of God (1:19-34)

   The Significance of John the Baptist for the Jews44
   Who Are You, John? (1:19-21)45
   The Voice Crying in the Wilderness (1:22-23)45
   John's Baptism and the One Who Comes After (1:24-28)46
   Behold, the Lamb of God (1:29)48
   The Sacrificial Lamb48
   John Came to Reveal Jesus to Israel (1:30-31)50
   The Spirit as a Dove (1:32-34)50
   Baptize with the Holy Spirit (1:33)50
   Lessons for Disciples52

 3. Disciples Direct Friends to Jesus (1:35-51)

   John's Disciples Begin to Follow Jesus (1:35-37)53
   "Come and See" (1:38-39)54
   Jesus Calls Peter (1:40-42)55
   Jesus Calls Philip (1:43-44)56
   Philip Introduces Nathanael to Jesus (1:45-50)56
   Jesus as the Heavenly Son of Man (1:50-51)57
   Lessons for Disciples58

 4. Changing the Water into Wine (2:1-12)

   Invited to the Wedding (2:1-2)60
   Cana in Galilee60
   Marriage Customs in Jesus' Day61
   They Run Out of Wine (2:3)61
   Mary Asks Jesus to Solve the Problem (2:4-5)62
   Six Stone Jars (2:6)63
   Full to the Brim (2:7)64
   Water to Wine (2:8-9a)64
   Saved the Best for Last (2:9b-10)64
   The Meaning of this "Sign" (2:11)65
   On to Capernaum (2:12)66
   "Spiritual" Interpretations66
   Lessons for Disciples67

 5. Cleansing the Temple (2:13-25)

   The Temple in Jerusalem68
   Passover and other Jewish Festivals (2:13)69
   Desecration of the Temple Courts (2:14)70
   Driving Out the Animals and Moneychangers (2:15-17)70
   One Cleansing or Two?72
   Destroy the Temple, Raise It Again in Three Days (2:18-22)73
   Did Not Entrust Himself to Followers (2:23-25)74

 6. You Must Be Born Again (3:1-21)

   Nicodemus the Pharisee (3:1)76
   Nicodemus the Seeker (3:2)77
   Discerning the Kingdom of God (3:3-5)78
   Begotten or Born? (3:3-5)79
   "Again" or "from Above" (3:3, 5, 7)80
   Born of Water and Spirit (3:5-7)82
   The Wind of the Spirit (3:8)83
   The Witness of the Son of Man (3:9-13)83
   The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up (3:14-15)84
   For God So Loved the World that He Gave (3:16)85
   Jesus, God's Unique Son (monogenēs)86
   Results and Purposes of God's Love (3:16)86
   Not Perish (3:16b)87
   Jesus' Teaching on Hell87
   But Have Everlasting Life (3:16b)88
   Not to Condemn, but to Save (3:17-19)89
   Drawn to the Light of the Gospel (3:19-21)89
   Lessons for Disciples90

 7. He Must Increase (3:22-4:3)

   Spending Time with Disciples (3:22)92
   John the Baptist Ministers West of the Jordan (3:23-24)93
   He Must Become Greater (3:25-30)94
   Believing Jesus' Eyewitness Testimony (3:31-33)96
   The Father, the Son, and the Spirit (3:34-35)97
   Eternal Life vs. God's Wrath (3:36)98
   Wrath of God99
   Jesus Returns to Galilee (4:1-3)100
   Lessons for Disciples100

 8. The Samaritan Woman at the Well (4:4-26)

   Jesus Travels to Galilee through Samaria (4:1-4)102
   The Town of Sychar (4:5-6)102
   Jesus Is Tired (4:5)103
   Jesus Asks the Samaritan Woman for a Drink (4:7, 9)103
   Living Water (4:10-12)105
   A Spring of Water Welling up to Eternal Life (4:13-15)105
   The Woman's Five Husbands (4:16-19)107
   The Source of Jesus' Knowledge107
   Worship on Mt. Gerizim or in Jerusalem (4:19-22)108
   Worship in Spirit and in Truth (4:23-24)109
   A New Era (4:23a)109
   True Worshipers (4:23b)110
   God Is Spirit (4:24a)110
   Worship in Spirit and in Truth (4:23c-24)111
   I Am the Christ (4:25-26)111
   Lessons for Disciples112

 9. The Fields Are Ripe for Harvest (4:27-42)

   The Disciples' Return and the Woman Testifies (4:27-30)113
   Food You Don't Understand (4:31-34)114
   Fields Are Ripe for Harvest (4:35)115
   Sowers and Reapers (4:36-38)116
   The Samaritans Believed (4:39-42)117
   Changing His Ministry Plan (4:40)118
   Savior of the World (4:42b)118
   Lessons for Disciples119

 10. Healing the Royal Official's Son (4:43-54)

   Jesus Travels to Galilee (4:43-46a)121
   The Royal Official's Son (4:46b-47)122
   The Faith of the Royal Official (4:47-50)122
   Confirmation of the Time (4:51-54)124
   Parallels with the Healing of the Centurion's Servant124
   Lessons for Disciples125

 11. Healing at the Pool of Bethesda (5:1-16)

   From Samaria to Galilee to Jerusalem (5:1)126
   The Pool of Bethesda (5:2)126
   Troubling of the Waters (5:3-4)127
   An Invalid for 38 Years (5:5-9)128
   The Invalid's Character and the Grace of God129
   "Do you want to get well?" (5:6)129
   Get up! Walk! (5:8-9)130
   Trouble with the "Sabbath Police" (5:9b-13)131
   Stop Sinning (5:14)132
   Sin and Sickness (5:14)133
   The Healed Man Tattles on Jesus (5:15)134
   Conflict with the Jewish Leaders and Pharisees (5:16-18)134
   Lessons for Disciples134

 12. Life in the Son (5:17-47)

   My Father Is Always at His Work (5:16-18a)136
   Making Himself Equal with God (5:18)137
   Jesus Does What He Sees His Father Doing (5:19-20)137
   The Son Is Given the Father's Attributes (5:21-23)138
   Crossed Over from Death to Life (5:24)139
   Life in the Son141
   The Dead Who Hear Will Live (5:25-26)141
   Authority to Judge (5:27)142
   Judgment at the Resurrection (5:28-29)142
   "By Myself I Can Do Nothing" - Subordination of the Son to the Father (5:30)142
   1. John the Baptist's Testimony Concerning Jesus (5:31-35)143
   2. Testimony of Jesus' Miracles (5:36-37a)143
   3. The Father's Testimony (5:37a)144
   4. The Testimony of the Scriptures (5:37b-40)144
   The Scriptures Testify about Me (5:39b)146
   Seeking Praise from Men (5:41-44)146
   Moses Wrote about Jesus (5:45-47)146
   Lessons for Disciples147

 13. Feeding the Five Thousand, Walking on Water (6:1-21)

   Crowds Gather (6:1-4)148
   Involving the Disciples in Feeding (6:5-9)149
   Huge Task, Tiny Resources150
   Seating the Multitude (6:10)150
   Giving Thanks and Distributing (6:11)151
   Twelve Baskets Left Over (6:12-13)152
   The People See a Prophet and King (6:14-15)153
   Jesus Walks on the Water (6:16-21)153
   Some Simple Principles of Ministry154

 14. I Am the Bread of Life (6:22-71)

   Looking for Jesus for the Wrong Reasons (6:26)156
   The Bread of Life Discourse (6:27-71)157
   Food that Endures to Eternal Life (6:27)157
   The Work of God - Believe (6:28-29)158
   Requiring another Miraculous Sign (6:30-31)159
   The True Bread from Heaven (6:32-34)159
   I Am the Bread of Life (6:35-36)159
   The "I AM" Passages160
   A Passage of Promises (6:37-40)160
   No One Can Come Unless the Father Draws Him (6:41-47)161
   Predestination and Prevenient Grace162
   The Bread of Life that Comes Down from Heaven (6:48-51a)163
   Eat My Flesh (6:51b-52)163
   Is Jesus Speaking of the Lord's Supper Here?164
   Flesh Given for the Life of the World (6:51b)164
   The Bread of Life Discourse and the Lord's Supper165
   Literal or Figurative? (6:53-57)165
   What Does Jesus Mean by Eating His Flesh and Drinking His Blood?166
   The Vivid Metaphor Causes an Uproar (6:59-66)167
   Will You Also Go Away? (6:67-69)168
   Lessons for Disciples169

 15. Streams of Living Water (7:1-52)

   Staying away from Judea (7:1)171
   Feast of Tabernacles or Booths (Sukkot, 7:2)172
   His Brothers Didn't Believe in Him (7:2-5)172
   Jesus Goes to the Feast in Secret (7:6-10)172
   Fear of the Jewish Leaders (7:11-13)173
   Learning without Study (7:14-15)173
   Excursus on Seminaries and Hearing God's Voice174
   My Teaching Is Not my Own (7:15-17)175
   Choosing to Do God's Will (7:17)175
   Inconsistencies with the Sabbath Regulations (7:19-24)176
   Where Does the Christ Come From? (7:25-29)177
   Attempts to Arrest Jesus (7:30-32)177
   Jesus Predicts His Death (7:33-36)178
   Culmination of the Feast of Tabernacles (7:37-39)178
   Feast of Tabernacles178
   Jesus Cries Out (7:37-39)179
   The Holy Spirit within the Believer (7:39)181
   When Jesus Is Glorified (7:39)182
   The Power of the Spirit in Believers (7:39)182
   Controversy over the Christ Coming from Galilee (7:40-43)183
   No One Ever Spoke This Way (7:44-49)183
   Nicodemus Defends Jesus (7:50-52)184
   Lessons for Disciples184

 16. Jesus and the Adulterous Woman (7:53-8:11)

   Teaching in the Temple (7:53-82)186
   The 'No-Win' Trap (8:3-6a)187
   Hypocrisy behind the Trap (8:3-6a)188
   Writing on the Ground (8:6b-8)188
   Cast the First Stone (8:7)188
   Neither Do I Condemn You (8:10-11)190
   Go and Sin No More (8:11b)190
   A Call to Repentance190
   Lessons for Disciples192

 17. Truth that Sets You Free (8:12-59)

   I Am the Light of the World (8:12)193
   Light in Messianic Passages193
   Never Walk in Darkness (8:12b)194
   The Father's Testimony (8:13-20)195
   You Will Die in Your Sins (8:21-24)196
   Sent by the Father (8:25-29)197
   The Truth Will Set You Free (8:30-32)197
   Slaves to Sin (8:33-36)199
   Abraham's Children (8:37-41)200
   A Liar and the Father of Lies (8:42-47)200
   Believers Never See Death (8:48-51)201
   Unbelief (8:52-55)202
   Before Abraham Was, I Am (8:56-59)202
   Lessons for Disciples203

 18. Healing Blindness (9:1-41)

   The Man Born Blind (9:1)205
   Sin and Sickness (9:2-3)205
   I Am the Light of the World (9:4-5)206
   Spreading Mud on the Man's Eyes (9:6-7)206
   The Man Tells His Story to His Neighbors (9:8-12)208
   The Pharisees Interrogate the Man (9:13-17)208
   The Pharisees Interrogate the Parents (9:18-23)209
   The Pharisees Re-Interrogate the Healed Man (9:24-34)209
   Jesus Reveals Himself to the Healed Man (9:35-38)211
   Judgment on the Spiritually Blind (9:39-41)211
   Spiritual Blindness Today212
   Lessons for Disciples213

 19. I Am the Good Shepherd (10:1-42)

   Corrupt Shepherds215
   The Form of Jesus' Teaching on the Good Shepherd216
   The Sheepfold and the Shepherd (10:1-2)216
   The Sheep Recognize the Shepherd's Voice (10:3-5)217
   I Am the Gate for the Sheep (10:6-9)218
   Abundant Life (10:10)219
   Shepherd Lays Down His Life for the Sheep (10:11-13)220
   I Am the Good Shepherd (10:11, 14)221
   Mutual Knowledge (10:14-15)221
   One Flock and One Shepherd (10:16)222
   Authority to Die, Authority to Rise (10:17-18)222
   Divided Response (10:19-21)223
   The Feast of Dedication (10:22)223
   Believe Me for the Miracles (10:24-26)223
   No One Can Snatch My Sheep (10:27-30)225
   Claiming to Be God (10:30-33)226
   Jewish Reaction to Supposed Blasphemy (10:31-33)226
   I Am God's Son (10:34-36)227
   Believe the Miracles (10:37-39)227
   Jesus Ministers Across the Jordan (10:40-42)227
   Lessons for Disciples228

 20. I Am the Resurrection and the Life (11:1-54)

   Lazarus Is Sick (11:1-3)229
   Jesus Delays Coming (11:4-6)230
   The Dangers of Judea (11:7-16)230
   Jesus Arrives in Bethany (11:17-19)231
   Jesus Meets with Martha (11:20-22)232
   I Am the Resurrection and the Life (11:23-27)232
   Martha's Great Confession (11:26b-27)234
   Mary Goes to Meet with Jesus (11:28-31)235
   Jesus' Anger (11:32-37)235
   Jesus Wept (11:35-37)237
   At the Tomb (11:38)238
   The Raising of Lazarus (11:39-44)238
   Faith and Unbelief (11:45-46)240
   The Chief Priests and Pharisees Plot to Kill Jesus (11:47-48)240
   Caiaphas Prophesies Jesus' Death on behalf of Israel (11:49-53)241
   Jesus Withdraws to Ephraim (11:54)243
   Lessons for Disciples243

 21. Anointing at Bethany and Triumphal Entry (11:55-12:22)

   Looking for Jesus to Appear (11:55-57)245
   Dinner in Bethany (12:1-2)246
   Mary Anoints Jesus' Feet (12:3)246
   Mary of Bethany vs. Mary Magdalene247
   The House Is Filled with Fragrance (12:3b)247
   Judas Objects to Wasting Money (12:4-6)248
   Jesus Defends Mary's Gracious Act (12:7-8)249
   Many Are Trusting Jesus (12:9-11)250
   Triumphal Entry (12:12-18)250
   Shouting Praises (12:13b)251
   Riding on a Young Donkey (12:14-16)253
   Continual Praise during the Procession (12:13b)254
   It Is Time to Be Recognized as Messiah254
   Witnesses of Lazarus' Resurrection Spread the Word (12:18-19)255
   The Greeks Ask to See Jesus (12:20-22)255
   Lessons for Disciples256

 22. The Hour Has Come to Be Glorified (12:23-50)

   Hour Has Come to Be Glorified (12:23)257
   Kernel of Wheat Dies and Produces Many Seeds (12:24)258
   He Who Loves His Life Will Lose It (12:25-26)258
   Father, Glorify Your Name (12:27-30)260
   Casting Out the Prince of This World (12:31)261
   Son of Man Will Be Lifted Up (12:32-34)262
   Sons of Light (12:35-36)263
   Isaiah's Prophecy of Blind Eyes (12:37-41)264
   Loved Men's Praise More than God's (12:42-43)264
   The Believer Sees the One Who Sent Me (12:44-46)266
   The Unbeliever Will Be Judged by My Words (12:47-50)267
   Lessons for Disciples269

Section III. The Farewell Discourses (13:1 - 17:26)


 23. Washing the Disciples' Feet, Love One Another (13:1-38)

   Timing of the Footwashing (13:1a)272
   Prologue to the Footwashing (1:1-3)273
   The Setting of the Last Supper273
   Who Is the Greatest? (Luke 22:24-27)273
   Washing the Disciples' Feet (13:4-5)273
   Simon Peter's Objection (13:6-9)274
   Washed by Jesus (13:8b-10a)275
   The Betrayer (13:10b-11)276
   Rabbi and Lord (13:12-13)277
   An Example of Humble Service (13:14-17)277
   To Be Seen by Men278
   Washing One Another's Feet (13:14)279
   One of You Will Betray Me (13:18-30)280
   Was Judas Demon-Possessed?281
   Judas Went Out. It Was Night (13:27b-30)282
   Now Is the Son of Man Glorified (13:31-33)282
   A New Command: Love One Another (13:34-35)283
   Love as a Command283
   Love as a New Command284
   Jesus' Love Is the Standard and Source284
   Love Is an Indicator of Discipleship284
   Before the Rooster Crows You Will Disown Me (13:36-38)285
   Lessons for Disciples285

 24. I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life (14:1-14)

   Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled (14:4a)287
   Trust in God; Trust Also in Me (14:1b)288
   In My Father's House Are Many Rooms (14:2)288
   Coming Again to Take Us with Him (14:3)289
   The Place Jesus Is Going (14:4-5)290
   The Way, the Truth, and the Life (14:6)290
   The Way (14:6a)291
   The Truth (14:6b)291
   The Life (14:6c)292
   The Exclusivity of Jesus' Path (14:6d)293
   What About Those Who Have Never Heard?293
   Show Us the Father (14:7-11)294
   Greater Things Will You Do (14:12)295
   Ask Anything in My Name (14:13-14)296
   Lessons for Disciples298

 25. I Will Give You Another Counselor (14:15-31)

   The Spirit as "Paraclete" (14:15-17)300
   Another Paraclete in Addition to Jesus (14:16-17)301
   I Will Come to You (14:18-20)302
   Loving Jesus Means Obeying His Commandments (14:15, 21-25)303
   The Paraclete as Teacher (14:25-26)305
   My Peace I Give You (14:27)306
   Going Away and Coming Back (14:28-29)307
   The Prince of this World (14:30-31a)307
   Let Us Leave (14:31b)308
   Lessons for Disciples308

 26. Abiding in the Vine (15:1-17)

   I Am the Vine (15:1)310
   Pruning and Cutting (15:2-3)311
   Cleansed by the Word (15:3)313
   Remaining, Abiding in the Vine (15:4-5)314
   Mutual Indwelling (15:5b)315
   Apart from Me You Can Do Nothing (15:4-6)316
   Withered Branches (15:6)318
   Bearing Much Fruit (15:7-8)318
   What Fruit Does Jesus Expect from Us?319
   Obeying and Abiding in Jesus' Love (15:9-11)320
   Friends of Jesus (15:12-15)321
   Chosen and Appointed to Bear Fruit (15:16-17)322
   Lessons for Disciples322

 27. The Spirit of Truth (15:18-16:11)

   The World Will Hate You (15:18-21a)324
   Hate the Son, Hate the Father (15:22-25)325
   More about the Paraclete (15:26-27)326
   The Holy Spirit is a Person (14:26; 15:16, 26)326
   The Spirit Testifies Concerning Jesus (15:26-27)328
   Don't Go Astray When They Persecute You (16:1-4)329
   It Is Good that I Go Away (16:5-7)329
   The Paraclete Will Convict the World (16:8)330
   Conviction of Sin, Righteousness, and Judgment (16:8-11)332
   Lessons for Disciples333

 28. The Spirit Will Guide You (16:12-33)

   The Spirit Will Guide You into All Truth (16:12-13a)334
   The Spirit Will Speak What He Hears (16:13b-15)335
   In a Little While (16:17-19)335
   Your Grief Will Turn to Joy (16:20-22)336
   Praying to the Father in Jesus' Name (16:23-24)336
   Ask and You Will Receive (16:24)337
   You Will Ask the Father Directly in My Name (16:25-28)337
   The Disciples' Faltering Faith (16:29-32)338
   I Have Overcome the World (16:33)339
   Lessons for Disciples340

 29. Jesus' Prayer for His Disciples (17:1-26)

   Glorify Your Son (17:1-2)342
   Eternal Life - to Know You (17:3)343
   Completing the Father's Mission (17:4)344
   Pre-existent Glory (17:4-5)344
   I Have Revealed You to the Ones You Gave Me (17:6-8)346
   I Am Praying for Them (17:9-10)346
   The Father Protects His Children Forever (17:11-15)347
   None Was Lost Except Judas (17:12b)349
   In the World but Not of the World (17:13-16)349
   Sanctify Them by the Truth (17:17-19)350
   That All of Them May Be One (17:20-23)351
   May They See the Glory You Have Given Me (17:24)352
   That Your Love and I May Be in Them (17:25-26)353
   Lessons for Disciples353

Section IV. The Crucifixion and Resurrection (18:1-20:31)


 30. Jesus' Arrest and Trial (18:1-19:16)

   Betrayal in Gethsemane (18:1-3)356
   I Am He! (18:4-9)358
   Peter Cuts Off the High Priest's Servant's Ear (18:10-11)359
   Arrested and Brought to Annas (18:12-14)359
   Peter's First Betrayal (18:15-18)360
   Annas Questions Jesus (18:19-24)361
   Peter's Second and Third Denials (18:25-27)362
   Jesus Taken to Pilate's Palace (18:28)363
   The Jewish Leaders Accuse Jesus (18:29-32)364
   Pilate Interrogates Jesus (18:33-35)366
   My Kingdom Is Not of this World (18:36-37a)366
   King of Truth (18:37b-38a)367
   Release Barabbas! (18:38b-40)369
   Jesus Is Flogged (19:1)370
   Jesus Is Mocked (19:2-3)370
   Crucify Him! (19:4-6)372
   He Claims to be the Son of God (19:7-11)373
   The Jewish Leaders Threaten Pilate with Reporting Him to the Emperor (19:12)374
   Pilate Takes the Judge's Seat (19:13-14a)374
   The Leaders Again Demand Jesus' Crucifixion (19:14b-16)375
   Lessons for Disciples376

 31. Jesus' Death and Burial (19:17-42)

   Crucifixion in the Ancient World378
   The Place of the Skull (19:17)379
   They Crucified Him (19:18)380
   Along with the Criminals (19:18)381
   Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews (19:19-22)381
   The Soldiers Divide Jesus' Garments (19:23-24)382
   Woman, Behold Your Son (19:25-27)383
   Jesus' Mother at the Foot of the Cross384
   The Identity of the Other Women384
   Woman, Here Is Your Son385
   I Am Thirsty (19:28-30a)385
   The Fulfillment of Scripture386
   Offering of Wine Vinegar (Posca)386
   The Sponge386
   Receiving the Posca387
   It Is Finished (19:30)388
   A Cry of Victory389
   The Announcement of Obedience Fulfilled389
   The Soldiers Pierce Jesus Side (19:31-34)390
   Eyewitness Testimony (19:35-37)391
   Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus Step Forward (19:38-39a)392
   Jesus' Body Is Prepared for Burial (19:38-40)393
   Jesus Is Laid in a Garden Tomb (19:41-42)393
   Lessons for Disciples394

 32. Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene (20:1-18)

   The Disciples' Emotional State397
   Mary from Magdala398
   Mary Magdalene Sees the Tomb Is Open (20:1-2)399
   Grave Clothes Neatly Folded (20:3-7)400
   The Witness of the Grave Clothes401
   Belief in Christ's Resurrection (20:8-10)402
   Two Angels Appear to Mary Magdalene (20:10-13)402
   Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene (20:14-16)403
   I Have Seen the Lord (20:17-18)404
   Lessons for Disciples405

 33. As the Father Sent Me, So I Send You (20:19-31)

   Jesus Appears to Ten Disciples (20:19)407
   What We Learn about Jesus' Resurrected Body409
   As the Father Sent Me, So I Send You (20:21)410
   The Great Commission411
   Power and the Holy Spirit (20:21-22)411
   Receive the Holy Spirit (21:22)412
   Power to Forgive Sins (20:23)413
   Thomas Refuses to Believe (20:24-25)415
   Trust but Verify415
   My Lord and My God (20:26-28)416
   Appearances of the Risen Christ417
   Blessed Are Those Who Have Not Seen, Yet Believe (20:29)417
   The Purpose of John's Gospel: That You May Believe (20:30-31)417
   Lessons for Disciples418

Section V. Epilogue (21:1-25)


 34. Feed My Sheep (21:1-25)

   Peter and Other Disciples Go Fishing in Galilee (21:1-3)421
   Throw Your Net on the Right Side of the Boat (21:4-8)422
   Peter Swims Ashore (21:7b)424
   Fish on the Fire (21:8-11)424
   Jesus Offers the Disciples Breakfast (21:12-14)425
   Peter, Do You Love Me? Feed My Sheep (21:15-17)425
   Jesus Prophesies Peter's Death (21:18-19)427
   Jesus Predicts John's Long Life (21:20-23)429
   The Written Testimony of an Eyewitness (21:24-25)429
   Lessons for Disciples430


   Appendix 1. Participant Handout Guides432
   Appendix 2. "The Jews" in John's Gospel433
   Appendix 3. Religious Leaders in Jesus' Day434
   Appendix 4. The "I Am" Passages in John's Gospel436
   Appendix 5. "Signs" in John's Gospel437
   Appendix 6. "Glory" and "Glorify" in John's Gospel438
   Appendix 7. The Chronology of Holy Week in John's Gospel443
   Appendix 8. The Paraclete446
   Appendix 9. The Sending of the Holy Spirit452
   Appendix 10. Harmony between John and the Synoptic Gospels454
   Appendix 11. A Possible Harmonization of the Resurrection Accounts457

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